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Reagan Winner's Circle spreads drug & alcohol awareness

During the week of February 17, Reagan High School's Winners' Circle student club sent its advisory members to North East ISD cluster schools to spread the word to be drug and alcohol free. The following is a reflection regarding the experience Danya King, one of the group's Advisory Board members, had during the campaign.

Winners' Circle Advisory Board Members

The Winner's Circle Advisory Board students gather for a photo after giving a presentation.

As the attentive children join our “Too Smart to Start” shout for the final time, and we say goodbye with high-fives and stickers, I sense the incredibly rewarding feeling of helping and inspiring the kids who I know will soon face the world of drugs and tobacco.

The fifty Reagan students that comprise our Winners’ Circle Advisory Board have the wonderful opportunity to participate yearly in the national TATU (Teens Against Tobacco Use) movement. Reagan’s TATU team visited each of our cluster Elementary and Middle Schools, giving them each an honest and eye-opening presentation on the dangers of tobacco.

Though the students are young and often unfamiliar with the consequences of tobacco use, it is a very real danger for which we try to help them prepare. We teach facts about tobacco products, demonstrate their destructive effects, and we discuss creative ways to say “no” if they are ever faced with the option of trying tobacco.

For the elementary schools, a full presentation includes skits, quizzes, interactive demonstrations, and question and answer sessions. At middle schools, the format resembles more of a pep rally celebration. As a member of this TATU team, I look forward to visiting the younger schools all year because of how enthusiastic and receptive the students are, and if our presentation can make a positive difference in their lives, it makes our preparations and visits more than worth the effort.

Winners' Circle students Winners' Circle
The students presents facts and myths on tobacco and alcohol in an interactive way.

Posted on March 17, 2014