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Northwood is proud of new mural

PTA members Leslie Lonsdale, Isabel Mijangos and Ingrid Tenwolde have created a wonderful art program at Northwood Elementary School called “Every Child is an Artist.” They have provided a fun, creative outlet for the students to express their emotions or artistic capabilities using a variety of mediums. As part of the program, the students created a collaborative mural to be displayed in the school, which has gained attenditon from the City of San Antonio.

Northwood Mural

The impact of the large display is visually powerful to the children as their smiling eyes widen when they see the final piece. Through this program, they have provided a sense of accomplishment to the students in an environment that has no right or wrong, and nothing is to be “graded," encouraging students to feel, see and believe that every child is an artist. Each grade level has been given a different project where the students have created individual pieces using different mediums.

One of the school's parents is the Deputy City Manager and informed the campus of a city initiative to promote recycling. He wanted to showcase one the art projects in downtown City Hall since it used recycled materials and was fitting with the initiative.

The mural has been re-assembled using a technique that will ensure each panel can be taken apart and returned to the campus if need be. An art description has been added to accompany the mural in City Hall, along with some banners from the Solid Waste department. City representatives have already received positive feedback from passers-by and are excited to mention that this was created from local, young, talented artists.

Posted on May 19, 2014