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Nimitz students take part in Nuru Walk

Nuru Walk

Students learned about the difficulty of carrying a bucket of water for a mile in someone else's shoe.

On May 16, students at Nimitz Middle School/STEM (Science, Math, Engineering & Math) Academy took action to raise money and awareness for extreme poverty in Africa. Prior to the event, students were taught about extreme poverty on the continent and its historical roots. Students were also quizzed over the 54 countries in Africa and one sixth grade STEM student correctly spelled and identified all 54 countries​ on a blank map of the continent quiz! Amir Samandi, the sixth grade STEM World Cultures and Geography teacher, thought that it is important for students to have an appreciation for the geographic location of the communities that students were helping. The event was open to all students at both STEM and Nimitz.

Nimitz students in classroom.

Students were taught about extreme poverty in Africa and its historical roots.

The funds are being raised for Nuru International (, which was founded by a former U.S. Marine who saw the connection between poverty and many other global problems. Nuru's projects are specifically going to help communities in Kenya and Ethiopia. Students also had the opportunity to participate in a web chat with the Grassroots Director of Nuru, Billy Williams, in the run-up to the event. Through bake sales, allowances and generous parent donations, students and families, Nimitz/STEM raised over $2,000 to donate to Nuru. Samandi, wants students to know that no matter how big or small, rich or poor, anyone can make a difference.

The culminating event, the "Nuru Walk" gives students the opportunity to experience the difficulty of carrying a bucket of water for a mile to "walk a mile in someone else's shoes." The event was started by Mrs. Stewart, now a teacher at ISA at Lee High School, who had their own event last Friday. Combined, the two events have raised close to $4,000 for Nuru. Two of the students participating were from Rwanda and Uganda, having experienced extreme poverty,and both shared their experiences of having to collect water to their classmates. The event was a great opportunity to learn and serve, and was a big success thanks to students, parents and staff coming together!

Nimitz students Nimitz students
Nimitz Nuru Walk Nuru Walk


Posted on May 21, 2014