Reagan Band welcomes Tournament of Roses® President

On Monday, May 15, the 2018 Tournament of Roses President, Lance Tibbett made a special visit to meet with the Reagan High School band in advance of their participation in the 2018 Rose Parade on Jan. 1, 2018. At the luncheon, Tibbett honored stellar Reagan volunteers, coinciding with the parade theme of “Making a Difference," and presented an official Tournament of Roses flag to the band. With this year’s Rose Parade theme being what it is, it is fitting that the Reagan High School Band was selected to participate. Last year, out of the seven traditional high schools in North East ISD, Reagan amassed the most volunteer hours overall. Band Director Dan Morrison and the talented team of assistant directors, show designers, dance teachers, color guard instructors, and parent volunteer crews have marched the Reagan Band to the top of every spectator’s heart who saw them this past year, spreading the message of love and unity to fans across the nation.

“We celebrate, shine a light, and give thanks to all those people in our communities that are making a difference,” said Tibbett. “They don’t do it because they want recognition or financial gain, it’s because it’s the right thing to do.”  

The volunteers who were recognized include: Shirley Williams: Serving as this year’s Band Booster President, Williams has made significant contributions to the band members of Reagan High School. Starla Burrell: A dedicated volunteer for the Reagan High School Dance team, Burrell has devoted her time and effort to supporting the Diamond Dancers. Heather Jackson: A teacher at North East ISD, Jackson has selflessly adopted and taken in multiple foster children. Many of whom are in need of special assistance. Sabrina Epstein: This high school senior at Reagan founded a non-profit called Artful Start, which is an art program for students with special needs and disabilities.

Bands are selected by the Tournament of Roses based on a variety of criteria including musicianship, marching ability and entertainment or special interest value. In order to be considered, band representatives submitted detailed applications, which included photos, video footage and letters of recommendation.

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Posted on 05/15/2017