Johnson PTSA recognizes 185 students

The Johnson High School Parent and Teacher  Association (PTSA) has sponsored the President’s Volunteer Service Awards (PVSA) every year since the school opened nine years ago. From May 1, 2016, through April 30, 2017, a total of 318 Johnson students logged volunteer hours through the PVSA website. Of those students, 185 earned the prestigious President’s Volunteer Service Awards. Together, this year’s honorees served an amazing 21,879 hours of volunteer service to our school and community. These impressive numbers are an all-time high for Johnson. The recipients were celebrated on April 26, for their achievement at Johnson PTSA’s annual student-led ceremony, hosted by Alexandra Rocha, Angelica Perez, Elizabeth Skaggs, Macy Knight, Richard Poe and Carey Jedow.

This year’s theme lauded the PVSA Honorees, who, according to President Bush, “can see what others cannot see, who feel what most cannot feel.” The evening began with two special awards. First, Elijah Johns, who was named both the North East ISD and Johnson Youth Volunteer of the Year, was presented with the Prudential Spirit of Community Bronze Medallion, naming him one of the Top Ten Awardees in the State of Texas. Then, Regina Lumbrera-Tijerina’s Alternative Learning Environment class, was honored with a special group award for their service to the school, celebrated with a flash-mob while signing to “Happy,” and directed in sign by senior Ellie Braden. After receiving their awards from The White House, students were encouraged to begin logging in their hours for next year’s award.

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Posted on 05/12/2017