MacTEACH program helps military family in need

MacArthur High School is making wishes come true. What was to be a short lecture to MacTEACH students regarding home fire safety for YN1 Gabriel Aviles, a member of the U.S. Coast Guard, turned out to be so much more for him, his wife, and twelve-year-old son Seth, a 6th grader at Harris Middle School. Instead, the very surprised family walked away with $1,000 in new clothes and a check for $2,000, thanks to the combined efforts of MacTEACH tutors and the Wish for Our Heroes organization, an organization lending support to military members and their dependents in need.

“When we learned the Aviles family lost their house, and everything in it, due to a fire, we knew MacTEACH had to help and we knew we could do it through the Wish for Our Heroes organization,” said senior Gina Monaco, co-lead tutor for the funding effort.

“The timing couldn’t have been better,” said senior Kamryn Gutierrez, co-lead for the effort. “The Powder Puff game was coming up and we knew Mr. Davidson was on the court. Because members of the court have to raise money for a non-profit, we thought – let’s go for it!”

And go for it the MacTEACH tutors did. In less than a week, they raised $2,000. While many sentiments were shared during, and at the conclusion of the gift-giving moment, perhaps the young Seth said it best as he pulled out from a shoebox a brand new pair of Nike tennis shoes, “This is the greatest day, ever.”

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Posted on 05/11/2017