Krueger 6th & 7th grade STAAR Extravaganza

Students from Krueger Middle School put several of the 7 Habits to work on May 6. Students were proactive by getting up early on a Saturday morning to come to school. Students began with the end in mind in order to keep their purpose of passing the STAAR tests. Participation in stations to review and enhance their knowledge of the TEKS helped build confidence and reminded them that they can succeed with hard work. Groups rotated through math and reading stations with engaging activities that included Brain Breaks. Students collaborated and discussed their thinking to find evidence to solve problems/questions. Students used text, calculators, formula charts, and supplemental aids to guide their thinking.

Communication skills were crucial in order to complete tasks for the end of the day outside. One group snapped cubes while being timed and another group tested their throwing abilities through a hoop with a football. Students had fun while learning the importance of following directions and working collaboratively at the same time. ELAR IC Becky Reuter and Math IC John Yi organized the day and the participating teachers were D’Ette Femmel, Christina Villanueva, Rita Walker, Dennis Gamez, Luis Bueno, Leticia Aldana, Kyle Robison, Scott Spence, Billy Cano, Ron Wells, Patsy Esterline, Theresa Carmody, Richard Sollenberger, Kevin Thorp, Christin Herrada, Augie Gutierrez, Michelle Born and Becky Atnip.


Posted on 05/11/2017