Johnson combines a love for science and music

It was the finale of the season for the Johnson High School Forza, Concert, and Fermezza Orchestras on Tuesday, May 9. As a special tribute, the program itself was decided upon by the senior members of the orchestra. The sweet sounds of musical symphony filled the auditorium as the orchestra performed music from Pirates of the Caribbean, the Phantom of the Opera, the Chronicles of Narnia and many others.

Delightfully the musical selections also included performances by 2017 Teacher of the Year, Patrick Cunningham. The Chemistry teacher at Johnson is truly multi-talented, to say the least. It was a huge surprise to many audience members that he along with Ms. Elle Compton performed as the soloist along with the orchestra. They sang aloud to songs entitled ‘The Stoichiometry Song,’ and Avogadro Song - “Equal Volumes of Gases,” which may prove the point that science concepts can sometimes be best remembered melodically.  

trio -of -singers
two -johnson-performers

Posted on 05/10/2017