NEISD All-State artwork winners recognized

Approximately 2,140 distinguished high school artists and 750 art educators headed to Madison High School on April 29 for this year’s State Visual Art Scholastic Event (VASE). To reach the state level, students competed in Regional VASE events hosted by schools and colleges within each of the 20 Education Service Center (ESC) regions in Texas. North East ISD had 60 students qualify for this state event representing all of the NEISD high school campuses.

Students participated in professional workshops, demonstrations, and scholarship competitions. All of the state-level art pieces were exhibited and open for viewing throughout the day. The artworks were truly amazing and gave attendees the impression that they were in an art museum.

Over 32,000 artworks were entered statewide in 2017 – 2,140 of these were selected to advance to the state level competition. Of these 2,140, 150 Gold Seals were awarded to the top artists. That is .005 percent of the artwork entered. NEISD had Claudia Slater from NESA earn one of these highest honors; and 36 earned the highest ratings to receive a medal.

Dr. Sean Maika gave a welcoming message on behalf of the District and congratulated the students for their dedication to their craft and the supporting staff members that make the State VASE competition possible.

Check out more artwork on the District's facebook page!

The winning students were:


NESA/Lee High School

Claudia Slater, Todd Stevens teacher


Churchill High School:

Uma Akalkotkar, Fran Seay teacher

Johnson High School:

  • Paola Flores, Analisa Shinn teacher
  • Piper Gardner, Kim Rumfelt teacher
  • Kelsie Hernandez, Analisa Shinn teacher
  • Catherine Hettler, Analisa Shinn teacher
  • Ashley Johnson, Stephanie Smith teacher
  • Blaine Von Dohlen, Kara Stracener teacher

ISA/Lee High School:

  • Meredith Herndon, Andrea Puentes teacher
  • Rachel Kamata, Andrea Puentes teacher
  • Emilia Otterbach, Andrea Puentes teacher

NESA/Lee High School:

  • Walden Booker, Todd Stevens teacher
  • Briana Galan (2 medals), Todd Stevens teacher
  • Charisma Griffith, Todd Stevens teacher
  • Elexis Hernandez, Todd Stevens teacher
  • Natalie Ivie, Todd Stevens teacher
  • Allison Maldonado (2 medals), Todd Stevens teacher
  • Bridget McRedmond (2 medals), Todd Stevens teacher
  • Briana Mercado (2 medals), Todd Stevens teacher
  • Troy Mize, Todd Stevens teacher
  • Therese Pilotte, Todd Stevens teacher
  • Katherine Rich, Todd Stevens teacher
  • Claudia Slater, Todd Stevens teacher
  • Sheridyn Villarreal, Todd Stevens

MacArthur High School:

  • Christine Caraway, Tina Barajas teacher

Madison High School:

  • Xavier Fernandez, Claudia Freeman teacher
  • Nathan Harlos, Claudia Freeman teacher

Reagan High School:

  • Vivian Garcia, Sarah Pagona teacher
  • Emma Li, Beth Billnitzer teacher
  • Taylor McPherson, Beth Billnitzer teacher
  • Audery Stedman, Jessica Gonzales teacher
  • McKenna Tuveson, Jessica Gonzales teacher

DATA/Roosevelt High School:

  • Ayleen Barraza, Wright Daggett teacher
  • Zenaida Briseno, Wright Daggett teacher


DATA's Ayleen Barraza (left) and Zenaida Briseno (right) taught by Wright Daggett.


Johnson's Piper Gardner (left) taught by Kim Rumfelt, and Ashley Johnson taught by Stephanie Smith.


Madison's Nathan Harlos (left) and Xavier Fernandez taught by Claudia Freeman.


ISA's Meredith Herndon (left) and Rachel Kamata taught by Andrea Puentes.


NESA's Allison Maldonado (left) and Katherine Rich taught by Todd Stevens.

gold-seal -winner

Gold Seal Winner Claudia Slater, who is taught by Todd Stevens at NESA.

Posted on 05/05/2017