Bradley home to a Texas History teaching superstar


Mike Bailey, Bradley Middle School History Teacher

Bradley Middle School is home to a Texas History teaching superstar. Mike Bailey, 7th grade history teacher, earned a selection as the winner of The Daughters of the Republic of Texas (DRT) Outstanding 7th Grade Texas History Teacher Award—a statewide competition. As part of the award from the DRT, Bailey received $750 personally, and his campus received $1,000. The DRT held the presentation on May 4 at the place that will remain part of Bailey’s career legacy well after he retires—the Mill Springs Cabin.

“Mr. Bailey had a vision, and the vision was to take learning from inside the classroom and bring it outside, and you can see the fruits of his labor now nearly 20 years later,” said Todd Bloomer, Bradley Principal. “I am so proud to be here to celebrate with him and I’m so proud to have The Daughters of the Republic of Texas here because as Mr. Bailey said, they are the backbone of the history of our great state of Texas.”

The DRT first discovered the storied Mill Springs Cabin after being invited by social studies teacher Elizabeth Pirtle. They’ve been in awe of the achievement ever since.

“This Mill Springs Cabin is an outstanding example of keeping our Texas Heritage alive for the enlightenment of our students,” said Bonnie Gressett Reiffert of the DRT. “The day our chapter took our tour walking through all these amazing stations and structures and seeing such an inspiring educational project—it was clear to all of us that Mike Bailey would be the recipient of our statewide award for outstanding Texas History teacher.”

Bailey’s strong recommendations, curriculum vitae, Texas History teaching methods and philosophy, and –above all—the truly unique Mill Springs Cabin made him a clear choice as the winner this year.  Located on school grounds, restoration and use of the cabin was the concept of Bailey’s, which opened in 1999. The 186-year-old Kentucky log cabin was re-constructed onsite by teachers of Texas history and local volunteers. Quite possibly the most precious gift of all was DRT’s donation of a Texas flag that was recently flown over the Alamo for a period, so it may find its way to fly above the Mill Springs Cabin.

To learn more about the Mill Springs Cabin click here. 

Posted on 05/04/2017