Harris celebrates its finest poets

Harris Middle School held a poetry contest for the seventh graders last week. Each student in the grade drafted and wrote an original poem over a theme of their choice. The poems ranged in topics from self-image and popularity to current events issues and family relationships. The seventh grade English teachers, Jamie Duderstadt, Tanya Tindol, and Cathryn Stewart, thoughtfully chose twenty-six finalist poems of which the students and staff voted. The first place poem, “Syria,” was written by Amjad Mardini. The second place poem, “Enough,” was written by Ashley Register. The third place poem, “The Glass is Half Empty but it’s still Half Full,” was written by Courtney Hutchinson. There were three honorable mention poems, written by Melanie Aguilar, Mia Mendieta, and another female seventh grader. The students took great pride in their poems and the finalists were excited to have their effort and creativity recognized.

1st Place: Syria by Amjad Mardini

Frightened and afraid, she dragged her teddy bear across the bloody dirt.

Horrified, she dropped to the ground watching her tears combine with blood.

“Why?” she asked herself as she ran her bruised fingers across her mother’s body.

She could see the fear in her mother’s exhausted eyes.

All the pain she went through, all the injustice.

Her heart shattering to pieces, she screamed at the top of her lungs.

The teddy bear sat there drowning in filthy blood and flesh.

She screamed and screamed, but nobody could hear.

Not a single soul came to her rescue.

Fear took over her life, many young lives indeed.

“Why?” she asked herself what did I do to deserve this?

What kind of world is this? She lost hope, she lost her dreams.

Too frightened to step out the door and lose her life with her soul.

Starving, suffering, witnessing death every second of everyday.

This little fragile girl, Syria, is still screaming, begging for help.

Nobody could hear, nobody could see.

Trying to scream her last words out with her wounded mouth.

Her heart beat vanished with her childhood, happiness, and her broken dreams.

2nd Place: Enough by Ashley Register

I walk through my school

Hoping to go unnoticed

Will they like me, will I fit in

I stare down at my feet

I know I'm not up to their standards

I try so hard, but

I'm not as smart as him

And I'm not as pretty as her

I'm trying, I'm trying so hard

But am I enough?

I know this isn't who I am, this is who they want me to be

But I'm trying, isn’t that enough?

And I shouldn’t have to prove that to anyone but myself

When I decide to label myself enough, I am !

I'm not going to stop trying,

but rather accept myself without your labels

I may not be the best, but I am enough

So I’ll hold my head up strong because

I am who I am and

I am enough

3rd Place: The Glass is Half Empty but it's still Half Full by Courtney Hutchinson

Fear is like a call that won’t go away,

Or a notification that you can't ignore.

I had a fear that my grandma was leaving me,

And then in a blink it became my reality.

She left me with no sign or notification,

And now I am left alone with no motivation.

Was there something I could have done or something I can do,

The glass is half empty but it's still half full.

Cancer came knocking on my grandma's door,

And because she answered she’s not here anymore.

It took her away it took her so fast,

But who could have known that cancer had her last.

Even though my grandma’s gone and dead,

I still have great memories with her in my head.

first -place-winner

Amjad Mardini, First Place

Ashley -Register-award

Ashley Register, Second Place

Courtney -Poetry-contest

Courtney Hutchinson, Third Place

Posted on 05/01/2017