NEISD artists honored for Battle of Flowers Art Contest

Congratulations to NEISD student artists who were honored Sunday, April 2, at the San Antonio Garden Center for their artwork entries in the 2017 Battle of Flowers® Band Festival Program Cover Design Contest. The competition started with 270 entries and 30 were selected as winners. There were first through third places, 2 honorable mentions, and 25 artistic merit winners. All winning entries were framed and featured at the Art Show. Caroline and William Carrington served as judges and were highly impressed with the talent of the students.

NEISD student artists earned ten of the awards, with two earning top awards:

  • Granger Stimpson of Churchill HS earned 2nd Place (Elise Johnson, teacher)
  • Sage Tuchsen of Reagan HS earned Honorable Mention (Jessica Gonzales, teacher)

The following earned Artistic Merit:

  • Silvia Jimenez of Churchill HS (Frances Seay, teacher)
  • Shayne Fuentes of Churchill HS (Elise Johnson, teacher)
  • Jeff Jimentel of MacArthur HS (Cory Schwartz, teacher)
  • Kayla Calderon of Madison HS (Maria Leake, teacher)
  • Sierra Arteaga of Reagan HS (Jessica Gonzales, teacher)
  • Morgan Bush of Reagan HS (Jessica Gonzales, teacher)
  • Sarah Torres of Roosevelt HS (Susan Ferris, teacher)
  • Hannah Fabbri of Roosevelt HS (Ruth Hui, teacher)

Over eleven years ago the Cover Contest began as a way to showcase high school students' talents in art. The Battle of Flowers® organization didn’t realize how this project would grow over the years. They are thankful for the interest and participation; and for the students’ marvelous depictions of this year’s theme, “Blazing Trails.”

Again - Congratulations to these amazing student artists and to their teachers who support their success.


Granger Stimpson of Churchill High School

jeff -Jimentel -MacArthur

A part of Jeff Jimentel's art piece.


Kayla Calderon of Madison High School


Hanna Fabbri of Roosevelt High School


Sarah Torres of Roosevelt High School

Posted on 04/18/2017