KSAT students train like astronauts for a day

Krueger School of Applied Technologies students got the opportunity to participate in the Challenger Learning Center’s flight simulation. Flight simulations are used to train astronauts so the students got a taste of what it was like to be an astronaut for the day.

Every NASA mission has a patch. The student’s first step was to design a mission patch that reflected KSAT and the mission’s goals. The students voted for their favorite patch in a contest held before the field trip. The students participated in two roles. First was the role of the astronaut. As astronauts they performed laboratory experiments in space, collected data and communicated with mission control. Some students used robotic arms to collect data on temperature or light reflectivity. The students also worked as mission control specialists who helped research and collect data. They had to monitor different life support systems to keep the astronauts safe and alive. The students have been learning life science topics all year that applied to the different stations. The teams had to use their knowledge of biomes, carbon cycle, greenhouse gases, catastrophic events, and photosynthesis. The teachers of the Challenger Learning Center were great at helping the students with their assignments and also giving them challenges so that every student contributed to the team’s goals. Traveling to space will be a reality for these students so it's exciting watching them participate in a simulation that they may one day get to do in real life.

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Posted on 04/18/2017