Superintendent host luncheon for high school students

Superintendent Dr. Brian G. Gottardy hosted high school students for a private lunch on Thursday, April 13.

Students shared their thoughts on technology, class rank, and what they enjoyed most about attending North East ISD schools. Another big topic that came up was cyber safety and cyber bullying and how it has affected their campuses and peers.

"Social media is a choice, if you yourself are going through the problems of cyberbullying, just disconnect yourself and delete the account," said Johnathan Gessner a student at MacArthur High School.

Students said they appreciated the wide variety of extracurricular activities and clubs that their schools have to offer.

Dr. Gottardy hosts students from each NEISD school to hear directly from students what they love about their schools and what they want to see changed. He met with representatives from half of the District's elementary and middle schools last week. This is the fourth year Dr. Gottardy has hosted the luncheons.

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Posted on 04/13/2017