Johnson JROTC takes part in Naturalization Ceremony


On April 6, the Johnson High School JROTC Color Guard posted and retired the colors at a naturalization ceremony at the brand new San Antonio Field Office. It was the Field Office’s grand opening and its first batch of newly naturalized citizens were soldiers of the US Armed Forces. The presiding judge for the ceremony was the Honorable Xavier Rodriguez, United States District Judge.

As soon as Judge Rodriguez entered the room, the Color Guard posted the colors. Carrying the American Flag was C/MAJ Joshua Ciotti, Carrying the Texas Flag was C/SFC Miranda Sandoval, and the rifle guards were C/1SG Mary Stewart and C/1SG Aidan Grace. After the colors were posted, Mrs. Lacy Brinson sang the National Anthem.

After everyone took their seats, United States District Judge Xavier Rodriguez, introduced himself to the audience, and congratulated the soon-to-be citizens and their families. After the procedural questioning, the applicants stood up as their country of birth was called. There were six candidates from six different countries. These countries were American Samoa, Germany, Honduras, Hungary, Mexico, and South Korea. After all of the candidates were standing, they performed a left face and lined up on the stage to the right of the judge. The Oath of Naturalization was given and recited back to the judge. After the Oath, each and everyone one of the candidates were congratulated and are now proud American citizens.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and then the newfound citizens went back to their seats. A video that contained excerpts from President Kennedy’s inauguration address and photos of American military heroes was played. This led onto the room in which the ceremony took place, be dedicated to Cesar Ruiz, a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps who was killed in Afghanistan in 2009. The room was dedicated to him because he was from San Antonio, and just like the six new citizens, he was a service member.

After the video, the Color Guard retired the colors while Mrs. Lacy Branson sang America the Beautiful. After the colors were retired, and Judge Rodriguez exited the room, the Deputy US Marshal adjourned the court, marking the end of the ceremony. This was the first ceremony in the SA Field Office and there are many more to come.

Posted on 04/13/2017