ETA students earn numerous awards at TSA Conference

ETA (Engineering & Technologies Academy) is proud to congratulate 25 students from the magnet program, and one student from DATA (Design & Technologies Academy) at Roosevelt High School who attended the Technology Student Association Competition in Waco, Texas.

The students competed in 174 projects and brought back 53 first place winners, not including teams. They also received 12-second place not including teams and 10 third place, in addition to 35 finalists’ pins. The ETA team was also awarded a trophy for having the highest points in their division. Congratulations to our students!

Group Photo: Saffie Kaplan, Rhaimie Ramirez, Aayon Momin, Julian Wearden, Elizabeth McCormick, Erick Sifuentes, Harrison Wissel-Litmann, Mirabelle Long, Brenda Valdez, Lilian Ngu, Natalie Garcia, Thanh Nguyen, Marcus Caldera, Dora Calderon, Jacob Morse, Sebastian Garcia, Aaron Zamora, Daniel Atkinson, Keegan McQuinn,  Adrian Rucker, Jason Conklin, Maxwell Bryant.(Isabella Ortiz,  Jasmine Olivares and Janet Thongkam were not pictured.)


A group photo at this year's TSA State Conference.


ETA's Harrison Wissel-Littmann is serving as the 2017-2018 Texas TSA State President.

Posted on 04/12/2017