Lopez students learn about online safety from the experts

The sixth graders at Lopez Middle School are going to feel self-assured online thanks to fantastic tips and how-to’s on staying safe and secure on the web. On April 11, Google and Representative Will Hurd paid a visit to Lopez Middle School to deliver the Online Safety Roadshow, an online safety assemble developed by Google for middle school students.

Two Google employees delivered the 45-minute presentation, which focuses on five tips for staying safe and being smart online. They covered topics including: thinking before you share, setting strong passwords, using settings, identifying online scams, and being positive online.

Representative Hurd participating in today’s presentation at Lopez. The Representative opened the assembly by expressing the importance of online safety to the students, and competing in the password faceoff challenge, where students are asked to come up with the strongest possible password.

“School safety is our number one priority and part of that school safety is the idea of cyber safety,” said Brian G. Gottardy, Superintendent of Schools. “It is very important that we know how to handle technology. Technology is a great tool, but we have to be safe using technology.”

“As our world becomes increasingly digitized, it is critical that students understand basic cyber hygiene to protect their information online. I’m glad that Google is teaching students about online privacy and social media threats, and I look forward to participating in the 21st Century public safety training,” said Rep. Hurd, who chairs of the House Subcommittee on Information Technology.

The Online Safety Roadshow is a Google program designed to educate parents and students on how to be more successful and safe online. The presentation is a 45-minute assembly that teaches middle school students how to be smart about the content they share online. It focuses on important skills—how to create a safe and memorable password, identify phishing scams, and more.


Dr. Brian G. Gottardy, Superintendent of Schools, addresses online safety with the students.


Representative Will Hurd asks the students to be an example for their friends when it comes to online safety.

google -representatives-passwords

The Google representatives talk about some of the weakest passwords people use, which makes their accounts vulnerable to hacking.


Rep. Hurd and a Lopez student play the Password Game to see who can come up with the strongest password.

playing-a -game

Students took part in true/false games about online safety and security.

hurd-group -photo

Lopez Principal, Eric Wernli (2nd to left), Rep. Will Hurd (center), Assoc. Supt. Dr. Pauline Dow (right) and Google reps with Lopez students

Posted on 04/11/2017