Wilshire welcomes Rey Feo to their campus

Fiesta 2017 is quickly approaching! As the Education Minister for this year’s Rey Feo, Fred Reyes, made a special visit to Wilshire Elementary School to remind students of the importance of a good education. This year their mission statement is “the Force of Education” and what better way to demonstrate their cause than with a dual between the "force" and the "dark side."

The students of Wilshire were very excited, to see that Darth Vader, a Storm Trooper, and even Chewbacca had made the special trip to their school. During the assembly, Darth Vader tried to turn the students to the Dark Side and lure them away from learning, but Rey Feo came to the rescue and using his lightsaber sent Vader away in defeat. Rey Feo school visits are designed to promote the importance of education and staying in school. 

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Posted on 04/11/2017