Reagan Fashion Show to Help the Oceanic Preservation Society

The Ronald Reagan High School Fashion Design Program has worked countless hours to create innovative designs inspired by the sea. To add on to the challenges of creating one of a kind designs the fashion students have created the looks out of recycled materials. The students have created outfits from anything; from paper to scrap metal to plastic. The designs are original to each student designer and are handmade by students in the 11th, and 12th grades.

In addition to the all original outfits that will be walking the under the sea runway, all the decorations that will create the ocean setting are recycled and handmade by the students too. The unprecedented and creative designs will be showcased in the Reagan Fashion Show on April 20, at 7 p.m. at Ronald Reagan High School. The show, entitled Sea and Be Seen will be cutting edge and revolutionary. The community is welcome to join and watch the future of fashion flow before their eyes. The fashion show is the first of its kind at Reagan High School and will not disappoint; as it will display the designs the students have made from start to finish. The students have cultivated the ideas in their head and on the design, throughout the 8 weeks they have been preparing the design for the show, and are excited to let their creations walk the runway. The proceeds will benefit the worldwide ocean preservation organization, Oceanic Preservation Society. Oceanic Preservation Society is an organization that fosters the growth and restoration of the organisms in the ocean to allow for expansion of the populations in the world’s seas and oceans. The organization is currently focusing on cleaning up the pollution in the ocean and protecting the endangered species in the oceans. Their mission is to restore the ocean's organisms and habitats by cleaning up the trash in the oceans and protecting animals that are vulnerable to extinction. The fashion club will donate up to $1000 to the Oceanic Preservation Society organization to restore the oceans by helping to clean up the trash that litters the coasts and the oceans, to protect the animals threatened by the mass pollution and extinction. We encourage the community to join the show and the movement to stop the depletion of the oceans. The fashion show will be one of a kind and showcase the advanced designs made from recycled materials.

Tickets will be sold at the door for $5 for limited standing admission and $7 for VIP seating admission. The students will be walking the runway in their original recycled designs.

original -shell-piece
students -getting -measurements
final -alterations -and fixes
student -at -sewing machine
student -using -cutouts

Posted on 04/11/2017