Holocaust survivor shares her story with Krueger

On Wednesday, April 5, students from Krueger Middle School heard a testimony from Holocaust survivor, Deborah Groot. The 96-year-old told of her childhood in Holland and the help that her family provided to Jewish escapees running from the Nazi persecution. The students were very engaged and many felt inspired by what they had heard.

"I vividly recall an unforgettable day that a young Jewish woman searched for sanctuary at our home," said Groot.  "She had just arrived from Germany, telling my parents about her terrifying experience in escaping the Nazi SR soldiers who were ordered to round up German Jews fleeing to the Dutch border. Elga was her name and my mother offered her washing facilities and a hearty meal because she was dirty and hungry. We would receive several more refugees who needed aid, and we would assist."    

The packed audience was still and completely silent as Groot recalled several more stories of her childhood in Holland. Krueger 8th grade students concluded their research of the Holocaust in their English classes with this special guest. This will also kick off their Yom Hashoah project to celebrate tolerance and remember the millions that were killed during the Holocaust.

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Posted on 04/05/2017