NEISD Reads Around the Planet

Read Around the Planet videoconferences took place at Olmos, Camelot, Montgomery, Wilshire, Jackson-Keller, Serna, Royal Ridge, Oak Grove, West Ave., and Coker elementary schools. Read Around the Planet (RAP) has been celebrated at North East ISD for several years. It is a celebration of reading using videoconference technology. It is designed to promote reading and opportunities for classroom videoconference collaborations.

Students were able to connect with other classes across the USA, as well as Costa Rica and Canada. Classes participated by performing skits, sharing information about our city and state, reading aloud, sharing book trailers, sharing poetry, playing games and more. These events open the world to our students, giving them the opportunity to see the many differences in weather, terrain, seasons, sports, etc., and share their learning beyond their classrooms. More importantly, they help our kids see the commonalities we all share.

TWICE, Michigan's K12 Videoconference Organization, sponsors the activity. Funding to support this project is provided by Polycom. RAP is a celebration of NEA's Read Across America as well as World Book Day. TWICE provides the registration tool, matches classrooms with partners, and supplies support documents. Classes chose to focus on English, Spanish, English as a Second Language (ESL) or Special Education as a category for their session. 

NEISD Participation 2017:


2nd Grade Mrs. Niles, Costa Rica


4th Grade Mrs. Delaunay, Columbia, South Carolina

Royal Ridge:

5th grade, Mr. Baldizon, Okanogan, Washington


Kinder,Bilingual, Mrs Casas, Houston, Texas

Second, Bilingual, Miss Flores, Houston, Texas

Third, Bilingual, Mrs. Garcia, Houston, Texas

Oak Grove:

Kinder, Mrs Martinez, Columbia, South Carolina

Third, Mrs. Willis, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Fifth, Miss Workman, Traverse City, Michigan

West Avenue:

1st grade 3 classes participate in the library with Patsy Nester. We connected with Flint, Michigan; Boswell, PA; Houston, Texas.

 We read The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle and played Plinko.


All 5 1st grade classes videoconferenced in Library Kiva, connected with Columbus, Ohio; Houston, Texas; Norcross, Georgia


1st, Mrs. Hurlbert with Traverse City, Michigan

2nd, Mrs. Satcher with Columbia, South Carolina

2nd, Ms. Pagan with Columbia, South Carolina

3rd, Ms. Denny with Saint Charles, Illinois


1st, Ms. DeLeon with Alvarado, Texas

1st, Mrs. Vijil with Alvarado, Texas


Mrs. Garcia's third grade bilingual class at JK.


Mrs. Delaunay's fourth grade class at Serna.

martinez -oak-grove

Mrs. Martinez's kinder class at Oak Grove.


Mr. Baldizon's fifth grade teacher at Royal Ridge.

Posted on 03/20/2017