Stone Oak travels around the world in a day

Students and staff at Stone Oak Elementary School spent the last day before Spring Break celebrating cultures from around the world at their inaugural Passport Around the World event.

On March 10, parent volunteers along with several faculty members representing 18 different countries and/or cultures were on campus presenting fascinating information about their specific countries to students. Presentations included a variety of different elements, including cultural dance performances, traditional clothing, music and food.

Countries represented included: Ireland, Russia, Spain, Guatemala, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Mexico, Vietnam, England, Argentina, Korea, Brazil, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, South Korea, Japan and Egypt.

Students were excited to see all the displays and samples from other countries. They asked a lot of questions and even volunteered for some fun activities. For example, the presenter from Mexico talked about the custom of a traditional dance that has the dancer balancing a glass of water on her head. Quite a few students gave it a try it.

The event was a lot of fun and celebrated cultural diversity while uniting the entire student body.


Posted on 03/10/2017