Hardy Oak delivers bikes to Camelot

Nearly 70 Camelot Elementary students will get to enjoy their Spring Break on some new wheels thanks to the generosity of their sister school Hardy Oak Elementary.  On March 10, bikes, helmets, and trikes were donated to the Camelot campus. A group of Hardy Oak students and volunteers visited the Camelot campus to personally deliver and present the bikes in a school assembly.

When Hardy Oak students learned that Camelot was unable to participate in their Annual Bike Rodeo because there just weren’t enough bikes, that’s when their “wheels started turning.” Mrs. Tiller’s first-grade class came up with the idea to have a service project in which they organize a bike drop off and ask surrounding neighborhoods and the community to donate gently used or outgrown bikes. With the help and effort of the first graders and other leaders, Hardy Oak was able to collect over 100 bikes.

 “This truly was a labor of love from both schools because of all the work that went into the preparation," said  Karen Kohler, Camelot Family Specialist. ”We are beyond grateful. “

Camelot parents filled the gymnasium as their children were called out one by one to receive their bikes. Members of the City of San Antonio (COSA) Metro Health Department The Healthy Neighborhood program gave out goodie bags that included pamphlets on safe routes, bike reflectors, and flags. And because safety is a top priority, the University Health Systems Safe Kids program donated new helmets to each of the bike recipients. Once all the children received their bikes, volunteers from COSA Transportation and Capital Improvements gave a talk about bike safety and even included a safety demonstration.

“We are so very thankful to Hardy Oak,” said Wilma Payne, Camelot Principal. “As our sister school, they have done so much for our kids, and we are thankful for that and our kids are very thankful.”

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Posted on 03/10/2017