MacArthur honors Summas and their teachers

On March 8, MacArthur High School celebrated the outstanding accomplishments of 78 of its highest achieving students. They are graduating high school this June, after 12 years of hard work and dedication, with a 100+ grade point average. They are the school’s Summa Cum Laude graduates.

At a special reception with family and guests, each of these Summas recognized a teacher who had the most impact on their lives. It was a night of warm memories, funny stories and lots of hugs.

In addition to family and friends, the campus welcomed special guests Dr. Brian G. Gottardy, Superintendent of Schools; Dr. Donna Newman, Associate Superintendent of Campus Support and Human Resources; Jim Wheat, NEISD Board Member; and Bill Boyd, Executive Director of Campus Administration.


Posted on 03/09/2017