Electrical Systems Tech students learn that safety is key

The distinct crackling of a live power line igniting anything in its way acted as a safety wake-up call for students enrolled in the Electrical Systems Technology (EST) magnet program at MacArthur High School. CPS Energy rolled onto the JROTC marching pad with its arcing demonstration trailer to talk to students about the importance of safety on March 8.

Victor Robledo, who works in the Customer Outreach and Education Department at CPS Energy, emphasized on the path to ground principal. “Safety is always first and foremost. That’s why your instructors…they’re always telling you, ‘Be careful. Be safe,’ when you are using a piece of equipment,” said Robledo. “At CPS Energy we say electricity will go through anything. It will go through some things a lot easier than others, but it will go through anything in the right conditions.”

It only takes 0.7 of one amp to hurt or kill a healthy adult. That’s same amount of what it takes to light one lightbulb on a Christmas tree. With a transformer base set up and a team of experienced CPS electrical technicians, the arcing demonstration is a great tool to illustrate what can happen at home or on the job site when someone is not safe while working around electricity.

EST Director Steve Albert and instructors Eduardo Del Toro and Victor Casares, were glad to have the great people at CPS take the time to present this demonstration.


Victor Robledo elaborates on how electricity is generated in the US.

learning-about -safety

Students learn more about the importance of safety and prevention.

live -wire-kite

A demonstration of what happens when a kite string runs into a live wire.

electrical -tech-demonstration

A CPS Electrical Technician uses a hot stick to work on the live line.

branch-live -line

A simple tree branch in contact with a live line.

two -students-demonstration

Robledo brings up a couple of students to act out an electrical safety scenario.

Posted on 03/08/2017