MacArthur brings shattered dreams program to campus

MacArthur High School hopes to leave a long lasting impression on their students about the dangers of drinking and driving. The school presented the Shattered Dreams program to juniors and seniors on campus, Thursday, March, 2. The entire program was run by the MacTeach students.

Students witnessed a drunk driving crash scene and the emergency responders who come to help. Students portray a drunk driver, injured victims, and one student who has died. Emergency workers respond to a 911 call. Students watched their friends involved in the program as they were rushed off to hospitals by ambulance and AirLife. They watched one student get handcuffed and taken to jail by police. Another was taken away in a hearse.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus addressed the audience of students and issued a strong warning on the possible effects of their actions.

“The choices that you make in life, whatever they may be, always have consequences,” said Chief McManus. “The consequences can be good or the consequences can be bad. In this kind of situation not only are the consequences bad, but they have a life long lasting effect on your loved ones lives going forward.”  

The emotional and realistic demonstration is meant to show students that there are serious consequences for driving drunk. MacArthur hopes this message will help students make better decisions on the road.

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Posted on 03/02/2017