MacArthur senior launches Grab and Go Breakfast Cart

Thanks to a health conscious student at MacArthur High School students in a rush will get an extra boost of energy in the morning. The campus is testing out a Grab and Go Breakfast Cart on campus to make it easier for students to fit in a quick meal before class. Analisa Pompa partnered up with North East ISD’s School Nutrition Services Department to provide the breakfast cart for students in need of a quick eat. Students can choose entrées like mini pancakes, sausage and biscuits, yogurt, muffins and cereal along with fresh fruit and milk.

“I think in today’s society a problem we tend to encounter is convenience over health, and the breakfast cart offers both,” said Pompa, a senior at MacArthur. “It has been statistically proven that kids that have breakfast in the morning perform a lot better at school, and I think that’s super important as a student.”

School districts all over the nation are trying to reach out to students outside of the cafeteria to offer great breakfast options to help kick start their day. NEISD is well aware of the benefits of a Grab and Go Breakfast Cart program at the high school level. The program was first launched at Lee High School and has been a big hit for the students. The District also has breakfast carts at four elementary schools and five middle schools. 

“It’s a very good option. A lot of kids, if they happen to not get to school with enough time to get to the cafeteria still need breakfast,” said Daniel Guerra, Wellness Coordinator and Dietitian at NEISD. “They need to start the day with a good healthy breakfast and now they have a quick option they can get to.”  

As a soon to be Summa Cum Laude graduate at MacArthur, Pompa aims to further sharpen her leadership qualities in college, as she looks forward to earning a degree in neuroscience. 

Group Photo: (L to R) Melissa Gutierrez, Food Service Assistant at MacArthur, Leah Whetstone, Manager at MacArthur Cafeteria, Analisa Pompa and Wellness Coordinator and Dietitian Daniel Guerra. 


Posted on 03/01/2017