NEISD Student Voluntary Accident Insurance

North East Independent School District is making available the 2016-2017 Superintendent's Letter Regarding Voluntary Accident Insurance 2016-2017 Student Voluntary Accident Insurance Brochure for the convenience of our students.  This policy covers accidents incurred at school or while traveling to and from school.  A twenty-four hour policy is available at an additional cost.  The policy pays in addition to any other insurance.

Participation in this program is strictly voluntary.  In accordance with the Texas Tort Claims Act, please be reminded the District cannot be responsible for costs of treating injuries or assume liability for any other costs associated with an injury at school or any school related function unless the personal injury is caused by a district employee’s negligent operation of a motor vehicle while performing district duties.

You may enroll in the program online at, on the “student accident insurance” link on North East ISD web site, or by printing the attached enrollment form and enclosing a check or money order, payable to “Texas Monarch Management Corporation.” Mail the enrollment form and payment directly to “Texas Monarch Management Corporation” at the address noted on the form.

While the school district does not directly handle completed enrollment forms, we do want to make sure all parents have an opportunity to see the enrollment material.

Questions regarding the details of the coverage, which are not explained in the attachment, should be directed to the plan administrator at (800) 662-2778.

North East ISD Student Accident Insurance Letter - 2016-2017.pdf

NEISD Voluntary Brochure PlanA 2016-17 -final.pdf

Posted on 08/01/2016