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MacArthur taking ONe-Act Play to all-state after 13 years

MacArthur one act play cast

The 2013-2014 MacArthur One-Act Play cast is ready for state.

A multitude of emotions are reverberating off the stage and into the hearts and minds of the audience members during MacArthur High School’s one-act play, “Iphigenia.” The cast and crew have been sharpening their performance skills all school year and are heading to state after gaining momentum with top honors earned in the regional competition at Jefferson High School on May 3.

The play centers on Greek mythology, particularly Iphigenia, the daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, whom Agamemnon is commanded to kill as a sacrifice in order to restore his country’s graces.

“Every new role I get is always a great experience, especially a character that is not like me,” said senior Christian Parrish, who is playing Agamemnon. “I’m not a big strong military leader, but being able to go through that and become a powerful general, it’s really fun.”

Still image of the play.

A still shot of Agamemnon (in black played by Christian Parrish), interacting with Clytemnestra (in red played by Angelean McMahon), as their daughter Iphigenia (in white played by Naomi Bird) lays in anguish.

The MacArthur group has proven that they have the top program at North East ISD this year, but have put boasting aside – focusing on the ultimate achievement of an All-State win.

“I feel like we’re in a movie. Like we’re in this small town and we just made it to the big leagues,” said senior Angelean McMahon, in reaction to competing in state, playing Clytemnestra. “I have some emotional scenes, so I have to make sure I’m in the right state of mind for the performance.”  

“It’s a story that’s not told very often,” said Theatre Director Dean Whitus, who is on his 20th year at MacArthur. Whitus wrote the play alongside fellow director Casey O’Bryant and theatre arts members six years ago, but it has since been rewritten and edited by the directors and students to better fit the current cast of the play. “It’s Euripides, it’s a classic Greek play. The challenge was how to tell the story interestingly so that a modern audience could appreciate it.”

High school one-act play competitions are known for being highly competitive – attracting approximately 300 schools that are whittled down to eight. It has been 13 years since MacArthur’s one-act play hit the stage on a state level, and the group is focusing their energy on rehearsing in preparation for the competition. The 5A state performance will take place at the Bass Concert Hall on the grounds of the University of Texas in Austin on May 21. Congratulations to the MacArthur Theater Program and break a leg at state!

See the order of performance schedule here.

Posted on May 8, 2014