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Las Lomas Robotics Teams excel at Gear

Las Lomas Robotics team at GEAR

Las Lomas robotics students take a photo with GEAR representatives.

Las Lomas Elementary School Roarin’ Robotics competition teams had a tremendous day at the GEAR (Get Excited About Robotics) Competition at UTSA on April 5. The day started early at 8:00 a.m. for the students and ended around 2:00 p.m. Both teams, Roarin’ Robotics I and Roarin’ Robotics II, successfully qualified for the semi-final events of the contest. Roarin’ Robotics I then went on to the Finals. With only four teams remaining, they received second place overall in the elementary school division.

The teams had six weeks to prepare for the GEAR contest. Roarin’ Robotics I had recently competed in January at the TCEA Robotics competition and placed fourth overall. They were ready to face another challenge. The members of Roarin’ Robotics II had just finished learning all the building and programming skills required to compete and decided they were ready to put their new knowledge into action.

Las Lomas robotics team

On February 18, beginning with the end in mind, the two teams started meeting twice a week after school to prepare for the tournament. The Moon Post challenge was presented and the boys went to work on how to accomplish this goal. Using the competition practice mat, they were able to get an idea of what their robot would need to do to complete the tasks. They worked diligently building the robot and attachments it would use to implement their plan.

Programming was the next area they focused on using trial and error to finalize the details. They were also responsible for creating Engineering Boards that displayed the thought process involved in the design, build, and programming of their robot for this event. At the contest, the teams presented their project boards to the judges. Some of the questions they were asked were what were some of the problems and challenges they faced while preparing for GEAR, what were the details of their design and programming, and of course, what about this experience did they enjoy the most.

Congratulations to these young technology leaders of today and tomorrow for synergizing and staying focused on their goal. The evidence of their leadership skills was always present during this school year and especially while getting ready for GEAR. Las Lomas is lucky to have such enthusiastic and dedicated students.

Posted on April 15, 2014