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KSAT launch team has a blast in far west texas

This year, KSAT's (Krueger School of Applied Technologies) Student Launch Team went out to McCamey, Texas. The team consisted of six students, one teacher, and one volunteer engineer. With the recent cut of NASA's Student Launch Project, KSAT decided to still do the project themselves.

They flew two seven foot experimental and competative high powered rockets.The rockets flew 4,505 and 4,317 feet and collected data on solar energy, data on simulated verses actual flights, and data for comparison of two different simulation programs. They also engineered team payloads (the carrying capacity of a launch vehicle) that were ejected at 1,000 feet with unique mechanisms to steer them back to the launch pad.

KSAT students took on the challenge of doing this project on their own and with much success! The KSAT Student Launch Project Team 2013-2014: Tracy Thomas-teacher, Audra Blazicko, Maya Fajardo, Alexa Granados, Aaron Mayfield, Joshua Ward, Sarah Poupart, and Raymond Kinsel-volunteer engineer. The KSAT Student Launch Team collected an abundance of data and had a blast!

Rocketry Students

The 2013-2014 KSAT SLT: Audra Blazicko, Maya Fajardo, Alexa Granados, Aaron Mayfield, Joshua Ward,Sarah Poupart, teacher Tracy Thomas, and NAR/Tripoloi
volunteer Raymond Kinsel.

SLP Flyer



Posted on April 3, 2014