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Harris Green Team takes a trip to Texas State

Harris at Texas State

Members of the Harris Green Team  led by Windwehen and Trevino (left) smile proudly in The Texas State Horticultural Greenhouse. This is similar to the one they hope to install at Harris if announced as champions to the Team Up Challenge.

The Harris Green Team, under the sponsorship of Loryn Windwehen, a 7th Grade Science Teacher, took a field trip to Texas State University to observe their horticultural facilities. As part of the Team Up Challenge, students are encouraged to take a field trip to a higher education facility in order to inspire the desire to attend college after graduation.

The Harris Green Team is responsible for managing the Harris Community Garden founded and sponsored by both Windwehen and Lacey Trevino, an Art Teacher at Harris.

On the field trip, they were able to visit the Horticulture Greenhouses and work alongside undergraduate students, the Horticulture Gardens, the Vermicomposting Site, a Composting Site known as “Bobcat Blend,” and even take a glass bottom boat tour observing wildlife and geology, at the Meadows Center (formally Aquarena Springs). The students and teachers were inspired by the program, but mostly left with a validation knowing that the program at Harris is completely parallel to the one at Texas State.

Hunter Lake, the Compost Captain of the Green Team stated that “the program had the exact same things that we have, but some of it was more advanced.” Windwehen stated that “[she] hoped that this experience would show them that the skills and knowledge they’ve learned through the program at Harris are aligned with many university programs. These students are brilliant, and I am encouraged by the fact that they were able to see ways to build on the foundation that both Mrs. Trevino and I have laid out for them, thanks to the program we’ve worked hard to establish.”

To vote for the Harris team’s Team Up Challenge project, click here.

Harris at Texas State

Students play in the soil at Bobcat Blend.

Harris at Texas State

Students prepare trays for asexual propagation under the instruction of an undergraduate horticultural student.

Harris at Texas State

Students shovel out food waste into compost piles at the “Bobcat Blend” site. The food waste is turned into compost and used on campus as nutrition for the plants. This is similar to what occurs at Harris.

Harris at Texas State

Students listen intently to the student researcher in charge of the vermicompositing (worm composting) operations at Texas State. Harris is also home to a similar operation.

Harris at Texas State

Students listen to a guided glass-bottomed boat tour at the Meadows Center, formally Aquarena Springs .


Posted on April 7, 2014