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Harris art teacher chosen as Mayor's fitness council healthy hero

Karen Fox

Karen Fox - Harris MS

Karen Fox of Harris Middle School was chosen as a 2014 Mayor's Fitness Council Healthy Hero in the Community Health and Fitness Influence category. Her commitment to make positive change in those around her is worthy of commendation and praise. She is making positive change for both the city of San Antonio and North East ISD.

At the ceremony, fitness council representatives stated that Karen Fox earned the award because she goes above and beyond in everything she does. As an art teacher, she goes outside her job title and facilitates a very successful Wellness program at Harris. On Wednesday mornings, she comes to work before her contracted start time to meet kids out on the track so they can begin their day with exercise.

“Wellness Wednesday,” as she calls it, is an opportunity for students to increase their hearts rates, but more importantly an opportunity to fit in and be a part of something. She is also the sponsor of the Health and Wellness club at Harris. She meets with students to plan out ideas for encouraging their fellow peers to stay healthy and exercise.

Karen also manages the health expo at our school festival. This year, she had over 40 local businesses set up tables to educate the school community on healthy options and exercise opportunities in the area.

Fox has been commended by her peers for her vision of positivity, character, and commitment. The statement read at the ceremony concluded stating, "Karen Fox is the teacher you want your kids to have, the mother and wife who is raising two strong boys, and a friend of integrity and character. Karen Fox is a Healthy Hero."

Posted on May 30, 2014