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Harmony Hills Library Makerspace

Stop Motion

In late November the Harmony Hills Elementary Library was pleased to welcome volunteers from the Northwoods area Kohl’s store (1604 & 281). The Harmony Hills Library is starting a Makerspace … continuing the nationwide “Do It Yourself” movement that encourages everyone to learn and create and build and tinker with things for themselves.

The volunteers helped students from three different classes learn how to make simple stop-motion animation videos using iPads and Duplos. With these skills the students can show their understanding of many different topics and improve their storytelling and writing skills. On this particular day we used a set of Wild Animal Duplos in order to tell stories about prey and predators (1st grade), habitats and climates (3rd grade), and general storytelling/writing (4th grade).

With a $500 donation by Kohl’s the library hopes to expand Makerspace activities to include more Lego/Duplo storytelling sets as well as some simple electronic kits.

Posted on December 20, 2013