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Dellview parents enjoy art at Family Fun Night

Dellview Elementary School students have been walking into their art classes all year to sharpen their craft. All the practice paid off, as Dellview community members enjoyed quite the art exhibit during the school's Family Fun Night - an event that helps to raise funds for the purchase of educational materials for students.

Coordinated by Claudia Martinez, art instructor at the campus, campus staff, students and parents were simply captivated at the creavitiy displayed by the students. "The parents were thrilled to see the variety of media and creativity their children used in the creation of the artworks," said Martinez. "The arts support our expression of emotion and individuality. Event like Family Fun Night foster and encourage creativity. They also help build bonds between cultures, and bring people together regardless of ethnicity, religion, or age. That is why student artwork displayed for the community like this one is so important."

The school had twenty-four 16 x 20 inch paintings produced by students in kinder through fifth grade. Each individual class chose what type of project or theme they wanted to produce, with the class synergizing to create the final art piece. From art highlighting Texas roots to pieces depicting the beauty of nature - there was plenty for everyone to enjoy throughout the event. Enjoy a few of the art pieces below.

Castillo 2nd Grade

Ms. Castillo - 2nd Grade

Goolsby - 4th grade

Ms. Goolsby - 4th Grade

Martin - Kinder

Ms. Martin - Kindergarten

Perez 4th grade

Ms. Perez - Kindergarten

Adkins - Kinder

Ms. Adkins - Kindergarten

Boggess - 3rd Grade

Ms. Goggess - 3rd Grade

Dodson - Kinder

Ms. Dodson - Kindergarten

Esquivel - 3rd Grade

Ms. Esquivel - 3rd Grade

Haring - 1st Grade

Ms. Haring - 1st Grade

Kovacs - 1st Grade

Ms. Kovacs - 1st Grade

Matthews - 4th Grade

Ms. Matthews - 4th Grade

Moreno - 2nd Grade

Ms. Moreno - 2nd Grade

Prochnow - 5th grade

Ms. Prochnow - 5th Grade

Robles - Kinder

Ms Robles - Kindergarten


Ms. Taylor - 4th Grade

Miller - 1st grade

Ms. Miller - 1st Grade

Escamilla - 2nd Grade

Ms. Escamilla - 2nd Grade


Posted on March 31, 2014