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Colonial Hills earns touchdown school award

Fuel Up to Play 60

Coach Terri Pitts (right) takes a photo with students as they hold their new Fuel Up to Play 60 banner.

The Colonial Hills leadership team and physical education (P.E.) teachers, Terri Pitts and Matt Houston, took six big steps to earn the campus the Fuel Up to Play 60 Touchdown School Award. The campus received a banner recognizing them for their efforts in promoting health and wellness to young students. Students are proud in being one of the 701 schools nationwide to obtain this designation.

To achieve the health wellness award, Terri Pitts, program advisor, and her team of students completed all six steps and checked off their activity on the campus dashboard. All six steps had to be completed by April 1 in order to reach Touchdown status. The dashboard includes: Step 1 – Joining the program; Step 2 – Building a team of students; Step 3 – Having a fitness and wellness pep rally promoting 60 minutes of exercising and drinking water; Step 4 – Completing an official School Wellness Investigation (Identifies opportunities to make wellness at the school event better); Step 5: Planning an Eating Healthy event and a Physical Activity event; Step 6 – Share your success story on the Fuel Up to Play 60 website.

Colonial Hills

As part of the school's Fuel Up to Play 60 goals, Colonial Hills hosted the Go!Kids Challenge Kickoff, where students pledged to be active for 60 minutes a day and drink lots of water.

“Colonial Hills is committed to providing a safe and healthy school environment for students, staff, and community members by teaching and urging wellness and a healthy lifestyle,” said Pitts. She is on her first year at the campus and has been teaching elementary PE/Health for 12 years. “The main focus is to protect and promote student’s health, well-being, and the ability to learn by supporting skill development, healthy eating, and physical activity.

The school did a variety of things to promote wellness including 10 minutes of organized recess before unstructured recess started; promotion of healthy foods served in the cafeteria during morning announcements; coordinated a Family Fitness Night and a Mother’s Day Dance and lastly, encouraged staff to participate in a Walk for Air event, hosted by the American Heart Association.

Fuel Up to Play 60 was created by the National Dairy Council and National Football League, in collaboration with the USDA, to encourage students to be active for 60 minutes daily and fuel up with nutrient-rich food diets.

Posted on May 22, 2014