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New Bush mural depicts the school's vision

Completed Mural

Family, friends, teachers, students and staff gathered in the Bush Middle School Library on May 7 to enjoy the presentation of a beautiful new mural and school creed painted by local artist Shawn Kingston Bridges. The mural features the Bush bulldog in front of a window surrounded by shelves filled with books, awards and mementos special to Bush Middle School.

Christie Hirst, the Bush Librarian, explains the impetus behind the commission of the mural, “After our library transformation last summer, our new furniture arrangement meant that we didn’t have our traditional place to take special student photographs during our award ceremonies," said Hirst. "I talked to our principal, Mr. Comalander, and we decided to try and get an artist to create a special place just for that purpose. We were so lucky to have found Shawn Bridges for this project."

Bulldog Creed

Because the shelves prominently featured books, it was decided that the titles should be words meaningful to the campus. To choose these words, a teacher from each academic team led their students in a discussion describing the "Bush Middle School Student." Each team’s list of words was compiled by the librarian and then submitted to the artist. It was exciting to see that of the 150 words chosen by students, many are featured in the Bush Bulldog Creed. Students have been flocking to the library to look at the titles to see if their message was included.

One of the best aspects of this project is that it was made possible with the help of many different people. The mural was funded in part with the proceeds of Scholastic Book Fairs that were held in the library. The Library Parent Volunteer Coordinators from this year and last year, Karen Wooster and Kristin Coppock, were instrumental in these fundraisers. Teachers Suzanne Revell Osuna and Heather Thurston are the National Junior Honor Society sponsors for Bush Middle School.

Their student officers decided that helping to pay for the mural would be their 2013 – 2014 Gift to School. Bush Middle School Principal, Gary Comalander, and Library Services Director, Faye Hagerty, continue to promote financial resources for the library program and helped ensure the mural was completed. Finally, Jennifer Easley, President of the Bush Middle School PTA continued the long tradition of PTA support of the library with additional funding.

PTA Photo in front of mural.

The campus PTA and campus leadership take a photo with Shawn Kingston Bridges (center).

Posted on May 14, 2014