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Madison cluster enjoying volleyball intermurals

Woodstone Team

The Woodstone team consists of the campus coach, nurse and various grade-level teachers.

The Madison Cluster is excited to report that 6 out of its 7 elementary schools participated in Volleyball Intermurals this year. This is a fantastic opportunity for schools to build community and team spirit. Once a week, teams made up of teachers, nurses, coaches and music leaders, are duking it out on the courts for a competitive, jaw dropping, and fun game of volleyball!

Woodstone Elementary School is one of the schools that participates in the Madison Cluster Volleyball games. This is Woodstone’s third year participating, with new faces joining our team each year.

Madison Cluster is geared up for another great series of games this week. A huge thank you to Kelly Luna from Longs Creek for coordinating the schedules and facilitating gym usage.

Posted on March 19, 2014