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Woodstone hosts inaugural Rider Cowboy Breakfast

100 days

On a cold wintery morning, the Woodstone Elementary School Leadership team gathered with warm hearts and a ready attitude in the teacher’s lounge to prepare for the Inaugural Rider Cowboy Breakfast.

With aprons on, griddles heated up and plenty of laughs to go around, the campus worked together to mix 100 oz. of pancake mix; grill 100 link sausages and 100 sausage patties; ready 100 oz. of syrup, distribute hundreds of whipped cream squirts; and pour hundreds of chocolate chips in a bowl.

By 6:45 a.m., Woodstone had breakfast ready for all of teachers, bus drivers, custodians, district carpenters, cafeteria staff, district plumbers and anyone else who clocked in that morning with North East ISD. The Leadership team had a blast serving our team to celebrate 100 days of hard work!
The result was one hundred smiles that paved the way to a great rest of the day with the students.

100 days 100 days

Posted on Feburary 12, 2014