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Woodstone third graders feed 2,000

Coin Collection

Students take a photo with SA Food Bank's Kali Scheben.

The third grade students at Woodstone Elementary School integrated their social studies unit, Communities, with a math coin collection to help the San Antonio Food Bank. Seven classes collected a total of 5,719 coins, totaling $296.94.

Kali Scheben from the San Antonio Food Bank was presented with a check by the Woodstone Student Council in the amount of $296.94. She shared with the students that for every $1.00 the Food Bank receives, they can provide 7 meals. The students were excited to hear that they were able to feed 2,072 people with the money they raised! The third grade students at Woodstone were really proud of what they had accomplished and that their class collection was going to a worthy cause.

Posted on November 11, 2013