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Writing Games: Where everyone survives, no one leaves hungry


Pencil Jay

February 8, 2014 will live in Wrangler history at Wood Middle School. The campus experienced, and somehow survived, its first annual Writing Games - themed after the blockbuster trilogy, The Hunger Games. This grand event, the brainchild of teacher Tiffany "Katniss" Hough, provided students with the opportunity to sharpen their writing skills for their upcoming STAAR exams, experience the thrill of fierce competition, while enjoying yummy donuts and Slim Jims. There was nothing hungry about these games.

The turnout was great, with a crowd estimate of over 60 students, and the entire ELAR (English, Language, Arts & Reading) Department was on hand to lend its support. The whole bloodless affair was divided into two parts: the training, and then the actual games.

During the training, groups of students rotated from "district" to "district" and worked on various skills such as text structure, writing strong controlling ideas, and providing supporting evidence in an expository composition. As it happened, the young "tributes" would sorely need these skills for what followed – the games themselves.

Wood Staff

Wood staff are celebrating a successful Writing Games.

Herded into the arena (a.k.a. our cafeteria), the students competed for winner's tokens at over a dozen game stations that put their arduous training to the test. When all was said and done, the ones with the most tokens took the grand prizes. There were cheers of victory, anguished cries of defeat, and everybody seemed to have a fabulous time - almost everybody.

"I didn't win any of the grand prizes," one youngster was quoted as saying. Then, looking on the bright side, he added, "But at least I learned some stuff and didn't get kilt [sic] like they did in the movie."

As the Inaugural Wood Writing Games comes to a conclusion, the campus is already looking forward to the second annual Writing Games. "May the odds always be in your favor, and may the Mike & Ike's always be in your belly."

Posted on February 26, 2014