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Windcrest AP gets pied in the face


Assistant Principal John Merrill bravely took the pie in the face.

Windcrest students competed for who had the best cafeteria manners during the week of Nov. 11-15. Grades K-2 were represented by Principal Jennifer Barton and Grades 3-5 were represented by Assistant Principal John Merrill. Each grade level could earn as many as twenty points within the week to win a diamond plate award and to contribute a high score to the overall points for the group. As the week commenced, the competition was on!

By the end of the week, the highest average score for each group was totaled to decide which administrator was going to receive a pie in the face. If K-2 scored highest, Merrill would receive the pie. If 3-5 scored highest, Barton would receive the pie. As the pictures show, Barton's K-2 group shined in their scores which meant that Merrill had won the pie in the face.

To do the honors, 1st grade teacher, Pamela Darling, and her class were asked join morning announcements for the pie throwing activity because their class has received perfect scores since the beginning of the school year. Darling's class had front row seats while their teacher put the whipped cream pie in the AP's face.

Students and staff were thrilled to see administration give such a great incentive for students to behave appropriately in the cafeteria. Both teachers and staff members absolutely love the "Manner Banner" program for cafeteria behavior and they look forward to more competitions in the future. Assistant Principal Merrill was honored to win; however, he hopes the next contest is a little less messy!

Pie in the face

Students react as Pamela Darling proceeds to pie Mr. Merrill.


Posted on December 03, 2013