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Wilderness oak is building dreams in Ghana

Lindsay Richard and students.

Stacia Fitzsimon, principal, and a few proud Wilderness Oak students celebrate the honor.

Wilderness Oak Elementary School was recently honored by The Heart Smiles Organization for raising over $17,000 over the past 4 years. The money raised was used to help build the organization’s first main building in Ghana, Africa for orphaned children.

“I think what is so special and unique about Heart Smiles is that it is a program that is continually growing and changing from year to year," said Joy Towell, PE teacher at Wilderness Oak. "It truly is the heart of our community and our school - touching the hearts and lives of the children in Ghana Africa."

The kitchen and offices were dedicated and named in honor of Wilderness Oak. The school was presented with a plaque baring the picture of the building and the dedication date. Every year, Lindsay Richard’s second grade students lead the fundraiser, as Wilderness Oak students purchase Valentine’s for their classmates and donate the money raised to The Heart Smiles.

“I feel good helping other people. We can save people’s lives," said Olivia Ramirez. "I just love it.”

If your school or place of business is interested in raising money and having a building dedicated in your name, please contact The Heart Smiles by clicking here, or email at

Posted on February 25, 2014