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Wilderness Oak students raise money for the cure

Wilderness Oak

The students gather for a photo after making their donation to the
Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Wilderness Oak Elementary School is growing great leaders! The school’s fourth grade class raised money for breast cancer research thanks to an idea student, Blake Trench, developed with his teacher, Nancy Whitehead, serving as inspiration.

“This fundraiser was a lot of work for us but worth every dollar we donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation,” said Kaitlyn Zamagni, fourth grader at the campus. “First, our Student Leader of Communication wrote emails to our class parents and our W.O. community. Then, we learned about marketing and advertising by creating and writing commercials and recording them using our awesome iPads.”

The students emailed their commercials to share school wide to promote sales. Throughout the campaign, students used their creativity after school hours to create homemade crafts to sell.

The fundraiser lasted five days from 7:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. before school. On January 16th while counting money during math class, the students began jumping up and down cheering as they realized they had collected over $200 on their first day of sales. That excitement was easily trumped after the students found out they had surpassed their goal of $500.00, with the final count rolling in at $1,166.76!

The students never could have suspected that a small idea and homemade crafts could ever amount to so much. “This fundraiser has shown us how to run a business, create fun ways of learning math and writing, but most importantly, it has taught us the importance of giving back to our community,” said Kaitlyn. “Where the heart is, stars are born.”

Contributing Writer - Kaitlyn Zamagni, 4th Grade

Posted on February 07, 2014