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Tejeda collects 4800 pounds of food for SA FOod Bank

Food Bank Donation

Tejeda students collected nearly 4,800 pounds of food!

At Tejeda Middle School, students joined forces to collect nearly 4,800 pounds of food for the San Antonio Food Bank. The collection effort was spearheaded by Special Education A.L.E. classrooms. An educational experience was created for the students by having them collect the food from classrooms and keep track of the points for each class.

Math skills were demonstrated through this class project by practicing with basic math skills in various ways. A number line showing daily progress was displayed at the main entrance of the school along with the boxes and boxes of food. Technology was incorporated using excel spreadsheets as they added the daily points for each classroom. Students also visited each class in the school and had an opportunity to meet other students, which allowed them to build relationships with their peers in other areas of their school day.

A contest helped to encourage student, teacher, and community participation. “Macaroni Mondays” and “Tuna Tuesdays” were just a few of the incentive days where students earned extra points for certain foods in need according to the Food Bank. Top classes were rewarded with prizes such as ice cream and pizza.

The Tejeda A.L.E. program would like to thank the T-Wolf community for their generosity in addition to their willingness to assist with this educational project. The Tejeda community would like to thank The Tejeda Special Education A.L.E. classroom and the students involved with this tremendous effort!

Posted on December 10, 2013