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Tejeda Clubs Raise Money for West

Three student organizations at Frank Tejeda Middle School partnered together to help the victims affected by the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas. Student Leaders in Action (SLIA), the Red Cross Club, and T-Wolves Against Bullies (TAB) desired a way to support the victims, so they decided to unite together to collect money as a campus.

SLIA members raised $1,000 throughout the year and at their club’s booth during Tejeda’s History Faire and Culture Fest recently in April. The students involved in SLIA were looking for an organization or a cause in need of donations. As soon as they heard about the explosion, the members knew exactly how they wanted to donate their money.

The Red Cross Club and TAB decided to hold a Penny War at lunch during the week of April 29-May 3 as a way to collect funds from the entire campus. During a Penny War, two or more groups compete against one another as a fundraising competition. There are designated buckets for collecting coins and dollar bills for each group in the competition. Pennies count positively toward a group’s point total, while all other coins or dollar bills are subtracted.

The competition was boys versus girls! The idea was to add pennies to the jar of one’s gender, while adding higher monetary denominations (nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars) to the opponent's jar. Teachers and other staff members also participated in the Penny War.

Each day the students were notified of the current points at the beginning of their lunch period. On Monday, the boys took a significant lead over the girls. However, the girls gained the lead Tuesday and kept it for the rest of the week. The boys finished with a score of 5,786 points and the girls won the competition with 7,916 points.

Regardless of who won the Penny War, it was the victims of West that were the focus of the fundraiser. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to help someone in need,” said Avery Sepulveda, a sixth grade student and TAB member. The Red Cross Club and TAB collected $814.68 total during the Penny War fundraiser for West.

Tejeda Middle School is proud to donate $1,814.68 to help alleviate the damage caused by the fertilizer plant in West, Texas. SLIA, the Red Cross Club, and TAB have combined their funds and are donating them through the National Red Cross.

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Posted on May 15, 2013