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"Fiesta the Tejeda Way" Brings groups together

“Fiesta the Tejeda Way” was a community based instruction activity that included the up and coming Tejeda Middle School fifth graders from our feeder schools, as well as the Johnson A.L.E. Community Based Vocational Students.

Tejeda’s ALE students have studied the history behind the important aspects and traditions of Fiesta. They learned the history of the cascarone, piñata, fiesta medal, Battle of Flowers Parade and El Rey Feo. They also earned "tickets" to spend on food items by working on individual behavioral and academic goals.

On May 10, Tejeda was entertained by the Wood Mariachi band, in addition to playing Lotteria. All of the decorations were made by Tejeda’s ALE students by following multi-step direction activities within the classroom. Tejeda’s ALE program’s goal through this process was to blend academics, community history and tradition, and serious fun! ¡FIESTA!

ALE group hangs out at the event.The Johnson ALE Community Based Vocational students sat back and had a great time.

Posted on May 17, 2013