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Superintendent's Award | December 2012 Ceremony

Dr. Gottardy recognized about 145 staff members, students and community members for their devotion, ingenuity and initiative for NEISD during our December 18, 2012 Superintendent's Award ceremony.


Superintendent's Award | December 2012 CeremonyAnnjanett McNeil

Annjanett is an outstanding parent volunteer and the organizer of the annual Bush Bulldog Festival. She donated extraordinary time and effort in making this year’s festival the most successful. Annjanett not only organized the layout of the festival, she scheduled all the vendors for this year’s festival. The school’s many clubs and organizations benefited from her efforts. Annjanett’s initiative and dedication to her mission was exemplary as she displayed exceptional performance from beginning to end.


Superintendent's Award | December 2012 CeremonyKaren Hicks

This year at Camelot, Karen has started a new tradition in her classroom. In an effort to create and strengthen relationships with her students and their families, she invites them to come up to school and have dinner with her and her family. Karen invites a few families at a time and brings a home-cooked meal to share. This is a time for chatting, fellowship, and fun. Karen has received a great response from her families and has left a memorable, lasting impression on each of them.



Superintendent's Award | December 2012 CeremonyCristin Danielle Atkins

Cristin continues to go the extra mile for her students at Canyon Ridge. She repeatedly steps forward to volunteer for after school activities. She serves as a part of the school’s Lighthouse committee, the Language Arts committee and in any other capacity where she sees an opportunity to touch the lives of students.




Superintendent's Award | December 2012 CeremonyCoral Bacon

Coral is the Team Leader for Canyon Ridge’s Cares & Concerns committee. She worked closely with other Team Members and students to prepare for the November Leader in Me evening. This evening would not have been so successful without the extra planning, preparation and belief in kids that Coral shows every day.




Superintendent's Award | December 2012 CeremonySharon Candeleria

Sharon, a Canyon Ridge PTA Board Member, is a natural leader and an invaluable volunteer. She has a child in kindergarten, assists in the classroom, and volunteers a great deal of time around campus. Her biggest role this year was planning Red Ribbon Week. Sharon worked tirelessly to make sure that every detail was considered. The event was a huge success.




Superintendent's Award | December 2012 CeremonyPEdrina Hood

Pedrina takes immense pride in the service she provides for her school. Padrina is the Food Service Manager for Las Lomas; however, due to the ongoing construction, she is currently serving her students at Canyon Ridge. In this challenging situation, she stepped forward to bring an overwhelming since of unity and equity to the two campuses. As all students come through the cafeteria lines, they are greeted with a huge smile and beautifully presented food each and every day. Pedrina takes the time to talk with the students, listen to them and takes a personal interest in their lives. She creates a sense of home in a kitchen that serves hundreds of students, many parents and staff members each day.

Superintendent's Award | December 2012 CeremonyDiana Lopez

Diana stepped into the role as the new PTA President for Canyon Ridge. She works with parents, former parents, as well as new community members to provide opportunities for all to be involved. She has worked collaboratively with the Las Lomas PTA President and Canyon Ridge PTA Board to provide special events for both campuses. She takes photos at all of the events, and volunteers in teachers’ classrooms every week. Diana is a great example for the PTA and a phenomenal asset to Canyon Ridge.



Superintendent's Award | December 2012 CeremonyHarrison Richter

Harrison is a Churchill student and a member of Troop #809 of Alamo Heights. Harrison created two wooden bridges in the Texas garden at Huebner. The bridges were designed to make the garden accessible to students in wheelchairs. Through the construction of these two bridges, not only did Harrison make the gardens accessible for all students, but he added to the beauty and novelty of the environment.



Superintendent's Award | December 2012 CeremonyHailey Gibson

Hailey, a Coker student, received a pamphlet for the ING Kids Rock Race through her P.E. class. When Hailey brought the information home, she was very excited about participating in the race. After begging her parents to participate they soon agreed. Hailey ran five days a week for two months, which added to a FULL Marathon over an eight-week period. In one day alone she ran one and a half miles. There are few adults who can do this so we are very impressed with her dedication and determination. November 10 was race day where Hailey finished her last mile of the marathon. Hailey's commitment to health and wellness and a great inspiration for your peers and teachers.

Superintendent's Award | December 2012 CeremonyNancy Xue

Nancy shows innovation and courage every single day in class at Coker. She came from Beijing, and had only been in the country a few weeks before the first day of school. She started at Coker not able to speak, understand, or recognize any English. She was able to communicate through pointing gestures, and a bunch of smiling. Nancy’s father suggested a translator program. After working with the school’s ESL department and librarian, Nancy’s teacher was able to find a translator program for her computer. Since then, Nancy has blossomed. Her grades began to improve, as well as her confidence and participation in class. Nancy even started raising her hand and attempting to share answers. Nancy shows courage by coming to a new and very different environment and persevering. Her innovation in using the translator is one that her teacher wishes to pass on to all students.

Johnny Donovan and Yesenia Solorio

Johnny and Yesenia are amazing H-E-B employees and Dellview parents that are always finding ways to make donations to the school. They take the initiative to talk to their supervisors to ensure Dellview has what they need for their events and activities. Thanks to their commitment, Dellview has received backpacks, lunch bags, holiday décor, sports bottles, and H-E-B gift cards. Through their donations, Dellview is able to fund the cost for many of its student clubs. Their effort and dedication has truly made a difference at Dellview.

Superintendent's Award | December 2012 Ceremony

Superintendent's Award | December 2012 CeremonyBeth Vacek

Beth organized a unique field trip for Dellview fifth graders. She took them on a coastal fishing trip. For some of these students, it was a once of a lifetime opportunity. Beth coordinated with members of the San Antonio Coastal Conservation Association and Texas Parks and Wildlife to make the trip possible. Their sponsorship funded the entire project. In addition to all expenses being paid, students received a t-shirt to commemorate their trip and remind them to always take care of our environment.

Maria Anderson

Maria is El Dorado’s music teacher who braved new ground by creating the “We’ll Pass The STAAR, We Know it” music video in 2011, which featured our very own Dr. Gottardy. More recently, however, she went above the call of duty to help with the Trick-or-Treat movie presentation for Las Lomas. She gave her time and movie-making expertise to help edit a student led movie to spread the word about the life-saving efforts of UNICEF. With her help, Las Lomas is working to raise more than $1,000 dollars to donate to UNICEF to bring clean water, medical supplies, food, and books to children in need around the globe.

Superintendent's Award | December 2012 CeremonyAraceli Clemente and Danielle Williams

El Dorado feels very fortunate to add two wonderful parents, Danielle and Araceli, to their awesome volunteer team this year. As soon as the school doors opened, they were eager to assist in assembling papers, decorating bulletin boards, and much more. They are two of the hardest working volunteers and El Dorado is very grateful to have their continued support.

Daniel Patterson

Daniel has volunteered to be the El Dorado Mustang Mascot. Even though he has a full time job, he makes time to put on the costume to cheer on students at school events. He even cheered on students during Red Ribbon week. The students have now even named the mascot "Speedy the Mustang." Daniel is a dedicated parent who also volunteers his time at PTA events, the Spring Festival, and the school’s Math and Science night. Thank you Daniel, for volunteering your time at El Dorado

Gino Ameri
Tyrone Battle
Eric Bosanko
Charles Brunn
Mike Garza
Brandon Hansen
Dean Herrera
Christopher Herring
John Jack
Justin Johnson
Bill Keith

Gaylon Kelly
Maribel Lacey
Scott MacDiarmid
Cory Nicol
Raul Pena
Stephen Phillips
Ramon Quinones
Abel Rodriguez
Leo Rodriguez
Chuck Taylor

Maribel along with these Harmony Hills dads and father figures lead the great Watch DOGS program at the school. The program is made up of more than 100 volunteer Dads, Granddads, Step-Dads, Uncles, Brothers, and Guardians who have given more than 1,000 volunteer hours since last school year. Each year, the leaders organize a Pizza Night to motivate the men to participate. The Watch DOGS, are a reliable volunteer team and help make Harmony Hills Elementary a great learning environment for students.

Superintendent's Award | December 2012 Ceremony

Superintendent's Award | December 2012 CeremonyMops Dayal

Mops has dedicated numerous hours of his time to Hidden Forest teachers and school events. He has a wonderful way of recognizing a need and meeting it without even being asked. Decorating the foyer showcase, purchasing needed classroom supplies, providing special treats for staff members and offering classroom assistance are just a few examples of Mops’ generous spirit. Most recently he was a vital part of making the school’s Bike Rodeo a success. Any time parental involvement is needed, Mops is one of the first to sign up. His unconditional support to Hidden Forest, its students and staff is greatly appreciated.

Laura Alcott
Timothy Alcott
Jorge Araujo
Beldon Roofing
Boy Scouts
Joanna Chao
Paul Detiveaux
Frank Diaz
Greg Garcia (Falcon Ins.)
Matt Garza
Girl Scouts of SW Texas, Troop 379 & 641
Rhonda Grimm
Speedy Gonzales
Steve Hacker

Half-Price Books
Al Hassler
Jan Hassler
Leonard Hoyle
Melinda Hoyle
Huebner PTA
Huebner Student Council
Maureen Jass
Rudolph Jass
Chris Koval
Armando LLanes
John LoCurto
Brian Marlow
Kelly Marlow
Ed Martinez
Todd Mintz

Guisella Miranda
Mike Montes
Kim Neal (Site Source)
Andrew Nevitt
Randolph-Brooks FCU
Rockhills Church
Ima Speights
James Speights
Jason Speights
Laura Speights
Joel Valdez
Vulcan Cement
Linda Zhu-Carnevale

These individuals and organizations graciously donated their time or financial resources to create the Outdoor Nature Pavilion and Texas Garden Trails at Huebner. Last spring, with the support of these contributors, Huebner created a beautiful pavilion that can accommodate an entire classroom of students. At any time, one can see children with watering cans eagerly working together to take care of the newly planted flowers or groups of students gathered around a garden bed proudly pulling out unwanted weeds and taking joy in a new harvest of vegetables. The garden has promoted cooperation, problem solving and nurturing skills. It has required students to be responsible; the plants’ survival depend on it! All this was possible because of the entire community coming together to create an outdoor learning environment and a work of beauty.

Superintendent's Award | December 2012 Ceremony

Superintendent's Award | December 2012 CeremonyLori Chapa

Lori has led beautification projects at Jackson for three years. On Saturday, November 3, she worked with volunteer student organizations, parents, staff, and administration to cut and create flower beds with mulch around the front of the building. Lori’s efforts are helping the school develop a beautiful first impression of Jackson for the entire community.

Delma Adams
Henry Avila
Anna Farias
Monica Gutierrez
Terri Klein
Al Losoya
Rodrigo Marenco
Yvonne Valdez

Yvonne and her daughter Monica are part of the San Antonio Rotary Club, which gave Jackson-Keller a grant to fund the Watch DOGS program. On the kick-off night, about 122 fathers, uncles, grandfathers and children attended to enjoy pizza and hear details about the program. Along with the Rotary Club, Family Specialist Anna, Counselors, Delma and Terri, Teachers Rodrigo, Henry and Al also helped kick off the Watch DOGS program. These Jackson-Keller educators informed the parents about the importance of being a proactive participant in their child’s education. They encouraged the male figures to sign up for a couple of days volunteering. It is the dedication of individuals like these that make any campus great, especially for the children.

Superintendent's Award | December 2012 Ceremony

Superintendent's Award | December 2012 CeremonyMonica Pederson

Monica is the new science coach at Jackson-Keller. According to her principal, she excels in what she does. The innovation and creativity she has completely changed the philosophy of teaching science. As a result, Jackson-Keller benchmark scores have significantly increased. Her fellow teachers, and even the district specialist, attribute this increase to Monica. She exhorts leadership through training sessions with the staff during after school faculty meetings. One other special fact about Monica--she is a product of NEISD, a Madison graduate.


Superintendent's Award | December 2012 CeremonyAnita Castillo

NEISD has partnered with the Bexar County Dispute Resolution Center for more than 10 years. During that time, Center staff, such as Anita, have trained hundreds of NEISD students to be mediators. When a mediation program is fully implemented, discipline referrals are reduced by 60 to 85 percent. Anita has devoted great effort and flexibility in training NEISD students. She accommodates the schedules of our schools. Anita trained all the PAL students in all 13 middle schools this year, and mediators in 21 of our elementary schools.


Superintendent's Award | December 2012 CeremonyAna Alvarado and Alicia Walker

Ana and Alicia have done a remarkable job on the Lee campus. As Family Specialists, they have implemented the first WATCH DOGS program at the high school level. Now into their second year, the Lee WATCH DOGS program has proven to be successful. In addition, they host a parenting program every Wednesday night and throughout the summer. Ana and Alicia have done an outstanding job servicing the Lee campus and continue to provide great leadership.

Lily Salaiz

Lily is the Assistant Principals’ Administrative Assistant at Lee. For the past five years, she delivered unparalleled support to the students, faculty, staff and family members of the campus. Lily demonstrated a unique resolve as she made certain not only her responsibilities, but those within her Assistant Principals’ responsibility, such as translator, student fines, data analysis, textbook inventory and management, bell scheduling, preparation of reports, written communication, review of staffing documents, locker management, 504 mail outs, Prep Days, and more, were accomplished flawlessly and efficiently. Lily built positive relationships with students and parents at Lee. Through the trust and respect she gained, she helped prepare students for academic and real world success.

Superintendent's Award | December 2012 CeremonyMarcy Lindsey

Marcy continuously exhibits a can-do attitude and reflects the highest quality of professionalism at MacArthur. Marcy created a plan to reach out to every student that had not received the Digital Citizenship training. She set aside two days in which she called in more than 300 students and gave them the training and gathered the necessary documentation from each of these students. On top of this, Marcy volunteered to meet with each new enrollee from out of our school district in order to train them to be better digital citizens. Marcy’s consistent customer service and work ethic lets our community know that she is here for the success of all students.

Elsa Gutierrez
Rosanna Ruiz
Ericka Stevens

These three individuals have gone above and beyond in supporting the Nimitz teachers to raise the level of rigor in the classroom. You can drive by on any given Saturday or Sunday and see their cars in the parking lot working on things that will support teachers and help students. Nimitz has made significant gains in instruction because of the relentless attitude and work ethic of these three outstanding instructional coaches.

Superintendent's Award | December 2012 Ceremony

Angela Argote
Joe Davies
Samuel Durda
Maria Garza-Garcia
Diana Gonzalez
Chris Kennedy
Marina Lara
Edgar McKnight
Bianca Miller
Cynthia Sauceda
Joe Sauceda
Tremain Tolbert

These individuals assisted with Oak Grove’s courtyard beautification project sponsored by a Lowe’s grant. Without their assistance and dedication, the students would not be able to perform the necessary steps to improving the courtyard. They assisted with manual labor, such as tilling, removing weathered plant borders, pulling weeds, planting, and spreading mulch. These parents worked side by side with their child after school and on a Saturday to help establish this valuable community service.

Superintendent's Award | December 2012 Ceremony

Superintendent's Award | December 2012 CeremonyShannon Darilek

Shannon is training her students for better physical health and wellness at home, and also raising awareness in Oak Grove students about the needs of others through her encouragement of volunteer work. Students are donating used sneakers to the children of Nicaragua. Last year, with 311 pair, Shannon and the Oak Grove students alone donated more than 90 percent of the shoes collected in this program. This year, they're hoping to surpass that number.

Lillian Esparza
Barbara Garcia
Mary Gleason
Griselda Lopez
Aaron Martinez
Rolando Rocha
Brian Sparks

On Friday, November 2, the Olmos PTA and staff put on a wonderful Owl Fest. The event was a great night of fun, much to the credit of these individuals. Families enjoyed food, games and other exciting activities for the children. The PTA board and fundraising committee met several times to plan every detail of the event. The Owl Fest raised a little more than $3,000 for the PTA and the school. As a result, the students will have the benefit of funding for classroom materials and field trips.

Superintendent's Award | December 2012 Ceremony

Christopher Cadena

Christopher, the Roosevelt family specialist, planned the widely successful National Night Out event at Roosevelt this fall. The event was attended by the NEISD Superintendent, School Board Members, and about 2,000 community representatives. As a result, Cadena and Roosevelt earned a first place award for the event by the San Antonio Police Department.

Superintendent's Award | December 2012 CeremonyJennifer Rodriguez

Jennifer organizes her schedule so that she can volunteer to help out with various tasks at Stahl. Last year, she assisted the school counselor with all of the Red Ribbon week activities, including developing the theme, contacting the merchants for prizes, making multiple trips to access supplies, and posting more than 200 student-made posters around the school. She continuously donates her time to help with other endeavors, such as execute all the copy work for the Student Council advisors. Jennifer is always ready to do whatever needs to be done.

Kathy Joaquin
Debbie Kalinec
Louann Pundt
Ronnie Pundt
Jody Turner

This group took more than 30 students and helped them participate in a robotics competition program. Since August, they supervised, assisted, mentored, and supported the students who were involved in the BEST Robotics team and participated in multiple competitions. These volunteers and Ronnie have put in well over 500 hours of after school and weekend time with the students. This time was well worth it. The students earned a second place overall finish in the State BEST Competition with a qualification for a National Competition.

Superintendent's Award | December 2012 Ceremony

Superintendent's Award | December 2012 CeremonyKristen Guerra and Marilu Ramey

Kristen and Marilu were instrumental in creating the “Pawsitive” Leader program, which has taken the Tejeda T-Wolves Against Bullying (TAB) club to a new level. Students are encouraged to pick up a small blue paw from an envelope posted outside their classrooms and write an anonymous, “pawsitive” comment about another student or staff member. The paws are then posted around the hallways of the campus for everyone to read.



Superintendent's Award | December 2012 CeremonyJohnny Melendez

Johnny, a volunteer for Tuscany Heights, gives his greatest efforts daily to serve the students in the cafeteria. Johnny devotes time and effort to making sure the campus is well monitored during a busy time of the day. In fact, last year he had to assist a student who was choking during lunch. Johnny is a truly dedicated Tuscany Tiger, and the school is very grateful to have him.



Superintendent's Award | December 2012 CeremonyDoug and Suzanne Opersteny

The Tuscany Heights Watch DOGS program is phenomenal thanks to two very special parents—Doug and Suzanne. The Opersteny family has dedicated time and effort to initiate, plan, and organize the Watch DOGS program. Doug and Suzanne go above and beyond to communicate with the dads, grandparents, and uncles to ensure the utmost respect is given to those wanting to serve at the school. Tuscany Heights is so appreciative of their kindness and dedication to the school.

Mindy Donofrio
Jennifer Easley
Lawrence Saiz
Mindy Waters

The Tuscany Heights staff had the pleasure of working with these four fantastic individuals to promote technology funds for classrooms. Thanks to this group, the school now has more than $30,000 to invest in technology advanced equipment for classrooms. They worked diligently to find a fundraiser that would promote Covey Traits, maintain wellness for all involved, and get the job done, that is, raise money. They spent countless hours planning, organizing, and communicating the needs/wants of the school, as well as ensuring that all students would benefit from the money raised.

Superintendent's Award | December 2012 Ceremony

Superintendent's Award | December 2012 CeremonyKaren Wooster

Karen spends at least 20 hours of volunteer time in the Tuscany Heights Library coordinating volunteers for various library programs held throughout the year. Her positive attitude results in her gathering and training of about 25 volunteers to assist in checking out, checking in, shelving books, helping students find books, as well as allowing the librarian to continue to have essential research and classes held in the library. Karen is in the library almost every day and is even considered by the students as “one of the librarians.”

Manuel Marquez

There is a superior grandfather amongst the family at Tuscany Heights. Without failure, Manuel shows up daily to serve the school. He is there every morning with a smile and leaves once all students, parents, and staff have entered the building safely. No matter the weather conditions, he is dressed and ready for the safety of the school. He stands out front helping direct traffic and assisting families at the crosswalk. We admire Manuel’s dedication. He is an inspiration to those around him.

Wilbert Morgan

We all know that our administrators work tirelessly to ensure their students’ success, but often we don’t hear about the many “extras” they do to create a successful environment. Here are a few “extras” that Wilbert has given to his community:

When the campus found out a family was adopting a child who has special needs from another country, the teachers and administrators of the campus came together and showered them with diapers. Enough to last them a year.

  • Wilbert personally attended sporting events of his students, even after they’ve left Wetmore.
  • Wilbert has developed this family culture with his students, their families and also with his staff. The mark of a true leader is one that can accomplish this and maintain high expectations for his educators and students. Wetmore is a family of learners.

It is a special time to recognize Wilbert because in January he will be retiring after 31 years with NEISD, 12 of which have been serving the families of Wetmore. He has truly dedicated himself and will leave a rich history of special memories and wonderful success stories.