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Superintendent's Awards | May 2013 ceremony

Dr. Brian G. Gottardy recognized about 330 staff members, students and community members for their devotion, ingenuity and initiative for NEISD during the May 14, 2013 Superintendent's Award ceremony.


Krishna Roe, Amanda Balthun, Tiffany Arce, Ginger Teaff, Catherine Solanik, Jill Williams, Christi Robinson, Brad Cloud, Dave Mullinex, Ann Aragon, Yolanda Barker, Paola Villalon-Perezsandi, Laura Moore, Kelly Miksch, Elizabeth Nelson, Julie Rychlik, Jim Baldoni, Laura Womack, Jerry Baldridge, Mary Lampe

These math and technology services specialists led teachers in grades 3 and 4 in a district iBook initiative. They had to learn how to create videos, activities and douments to be used on iPads in the classroom to support mathematics in grades 3 and 4.


Irene Kistler, Emily Bellamy, Holly Salazar, Matthew Schmidt, Courtney Cleveland, Kelli Halliburton, Angelica Gamez, Connie Ramirez, Jodee Potter, Courtney Herrera, Charlene Danielson, Missy Mayer, Amy Gernander, Julie Moczygemba, Katie Williams

These are the teachers and coaches who implemented the iBook program with their students with the help of the specialists just honored.   The iBooks offer opportunities for the teachers to check their students’ work and offer extensions for parents to follow up with at home. Theywere honored for their willingness to implement this new technology, as well as their creativity and innovation in the classroom.


Emily Bellamy, Lisa Kalinowski, Natalie Davis, Irene Kistler, Kacie Germadnik, Deborah Valdez, Rebecca Powers

These Bulverde Creek Elementary School teachers spend countless hours researching how to incorporate technology into their lessons to make them more engaging and relevant for students. They consistently share the latest trends on incorporating a variety of technology tools in the classroom with the fellow teachers, students and parents.


Sarah Armstrong, Deb Colon, Janice Fisher, Joy Towell

These teachers are Robotics Club sponsors at Wilderness Oak Elementary School. They spend their own time each week after school helping lead approximately 60 fifth-grade students in their enthusiastic pursuit of building and programming robots while also learning math, science and team building skills.  


Dee Momone, Vicki Pauli, Lynn Buzzard, Jackie Reaka, Neva Mollica, Linda Hutcherson, Sandy Towers, Barbara Crockett, Angie De Leon, Krystal Romero, Sheila Momone, Alma Perez Jackson, Vivian Brown, Cynthia Smith, Debbie Wall

Cornerstone Church partners with H-E-B to furnish monthly meals as a blessing for those in the community.  These individuals from the San Antonio Republican Women and Ladies Bible Study at Cornerstone have purchased 46 meals from December through May for families in the Jackson-Keller Elementary School area.


Janie Dillard

Janie is the Executive Director of the Chocktah Nation. She has generously donated $2,000 to Camelot for the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 school years. This money was used to provide incentives prizes that boost attendance, achievement, conduct and leadership.

Diane Bacon

Diane has worked with Reagan High School for the last three years with the opening and operation of the school’s branch of Firstmark Credit Union. She has overseen the bank’s implementation from the beginning and works with the school on a daily basis to ensure students’ training and continual growth.


Amy Dunagan, Alice Montoya, Christy Albright, Patricia Reilly

Saturday STARR tutoring sessions for Oak Grove Elementary School students were offered concurrently at the community center of the LC Rutledge Apartments and at the school. Alice Montoya, SAHA housing specialist, facilitated the use of the community center. Amy is with McDonalds and they were able to donate snacks and a light meal to help with the brain energy needed during those intense sessions. Christy is with H-E-B, and they also helped to supplement the lights meals with a donation of gift cards to use as needed. Finally Patricia, the Hispanic program area coordinator with Una Familia Sin Fronteras (Families without Frontiers) Foundation, generously donated cases of flavored drinks for the students.


Janel Woerner

The San Antonio Tennis Association has provided a Quick Start/Ten and Under Program in connection with the United States Tennis Association to students in the KIN after school program. Janel has coordinated with volunteers to provide six weeks of instruction to students at 30 NEISD schools.


Jimmie Grisby

Jimmie of VIA Transit serves as a member of the school district’s Accident Review Committee. His fairness, impartiality and knowledge of traffic laws and rules have been instrumental in making impartial and fair decisions with incidents involving school district drivers.


Dottie Griffith, Sheriden DeCastro

Dottie and Sheriden have spent countless hours after school, on weekends, and many late nights helping Harris Middle School students research, prepare and compete in the National History Day competition.


Manuel Contreras, Sandy Patacsil

Manuel and Sandy initiated the Larkspur Sprouts Garden Club for students to learn about basic gardening, healthy eating habits, and integration of cross-curricular, hands-on activities that involve reading, math, science and writing.


Andrea Hopkins

Andrea took over the Lopez Middle School National Junior Honor Society program this year, on top of her other teaching duties. With her leadership, the school created the “Do Something L.A.B.” leading Lopez students to take a stand against bullying.


David Silva

For the past four years, David has graciously graced El Dorado Elementary School with his musical talent. He is part of a mariachi group and even though he has a full-time job, he has – time after time – provided musical accompaniment to the school’s evening events and festivals.


Stephanie Green

Stephanie is the Student Council sponsor at Ridgeview Elementary School. The students have been more involved in school activities and community outreach this year because she goes above and beyond the normal sponsor duties to ensure Ridgeview students are aware of their responsibilities.


Guadalupe Benavidez

Guadalupe is a retired teacher and grandparent at Jackson-Keller Elementary School. Guadalupe has been volunteering and helping teachers for the past two years.   She makes student activities for the children, works with small group, and assists teachers with laminating, cutting, and organizing school projects.

Robert Castaneda

Robert is an active member of the PTA at Larkspur Elementary School. He helped set up and organize the school bookroom and donated a new laminator and special rolling hangers to safely and efficiently store big books. He assists with school carnivals and other school fund raising events.


Henry Allen Clyne

This year, Henry has volunteered to assist a special student at Harmony Hills Elementary School. He goes almost every week to have lunch with this student offering his time, care and compassion.


Barney Aguilar

Barney has volunteered at Vineyard Ranch Elementary School since students and staff moved in on Jan 7. He has impressed the whole staff with the exceptional quality of service he provides. He helps daily in the work room, getting print requests out for the teachers before they are due, and volunteering in the cafeteria to help the children with their requests.


Bonna Gehring

Bonna is a retired elementary school teacher who comes to Wilderness Oak Elementary School several times each week to tutor first graders as their Reading Coach and tutor older second-grade students as part of the school’s Grand Pals Program. 


Denise Jones, Maria Hubbard

Both Denise and Maria have been responsible for the incredible organization and growth of Tuscany Heights Elementary School annual fundraiser, Run for the Heights. Tthis year, the participation was more than 1,000. They work around the clock to Acquire health fair participants. This year, they had more than 50 vendors and sponsors. These two ladies helped raise more than $30,000.


De Wayne Carmichael

De Wayne is of the awesome volunteers at Ed White Middle School. He helps in the morning to raise the flags, he helps get kids into the classrooms,  and volunteers in the attendance office to make sure the kids sign in when they are running late. He answers the phones in the main office, and greets parents when they come to visit.


Anna Cavazos

Anna is a Churchill and Eisenhower parent who was one of the first people to stop and render aid to a Nimitz teacher who was in a serious motorcycle accident. She stayed with him until the ambulance came.


Tricia Triana,Raquel Luna, Louise Myler, Diane Butterworth, Karla Bolton, Brenda Peak, Nancy Henson, Norma Jaime-Hernandez

For the past three years, these Lee High School parent volunteers and staff took time from their busy schedules to manage the school’s textbook storage, distribution, and collection process – something that hasn’t been possible in years past.


Araceli Clemente, Katie Gaines, Diane Navarette, Marissa Tabora, Angelica Chavez, Alfredo Chavez, Marie Deats, Sherry Wiebush, Criselda Vallejo, Michael Shears, Brigida Shears

When these El Dorado Elementary School parents heard that the only way the school's third grade students would be able to go to Honey Creek Natural Area in Spring Branch, Texas, would be for them to get trained in four outdoor science activities, they signed up without hesitation. They drove on their own time to Honey Creek for the one-day training, and even though they had never presented before, they took the information and presented it to the third graders with ease.



Gino Ameri

Gino Ameri, a proud parent and Watch DOG volunteer, has dedicated himself to helping Harmony Hills Elementary School. He greets and helps students early in the morning as they arrive at school.  He also helps with breakfast in the cafeteria by cleaning tables, empting trays, opening juice bottles and even walking children to their classes.  Gino loves Harmony Hills and believes in the Watch D.O.G program and has committed himself to these responsibilities all year long. 



Bo Burke

Over the past five years, Bo has volunteered countless hours in teacher classrooms, as well as held various positions on the PTA Executive Board at Bulverde Creek Elementary School. As PTA President, she demonstrated exceptional leadership skills by helping to coordinate events, such as the very successful Fall Fair, Health Fair and Book Fair in which she championed the belief that every child should receive a free book to encourage a love of reading.


Mallela Amaya

Mallela is a parent volunteer at Dellview Elementary School who has served on the Language Proficiency Assessment Committee (LPAC) for the last four years. As an LPAC member, she helps Dellview make informed decisions for its ESL/Bilingual students.


Lisa Ulestad, Jennifer Bissen, Ashley Wilkens, Jennifer Harron, Denise Jones, Mindy Waters, Jennifer Easley, Kimbree Camp, Alyson Moyer, Michael Moyer, Shawn O’Gorman, John Mastrovich, Darla Mastrovich, David Mastrovich, David Diharce, Alexandra Diharce, Dawson Diharce, Walker Diharce

This group of individuals spent countless hours on their weekends to beautify the Tuscany Heights Elementary School campus. They cleaned up the flower bed by the marquee entrance, added mulch to the plants, and added flowers to the beautiful pots in front of the school.


Jenny Sanders

Jenny is a parent volunteer who took on the job of organizing the Box Tops for Education program at Hardy Oak Elementary School. So far this year, the Box Tops program has brought in $4778.43 and more is still coming in for the month of May.


Karen Slaven

Karen has been an amazing part of the Jackson Middle School family for the past several years. She is a prominent member of the PTA. She volunteers with the Special Education department. She works directly with teachers and has provided supplies and personal items students have been unable to purchase.


Lee Schwabe, Daniel England

Both of these men have been tremendous role models at the Harmony Hills campus.  Together they researched, went to training, organized and started Destination Imagination program on campus.  Both men can be counted on in the classroom, on field trips, and as persons to look up to.


Rose Ramirez

Rose is the grandmother of two Hardy Oak Elementary School students and has been involved for the last three years. She is there on average five days a week for six hours at a time. She works the copy room and can always be counted on to help with a smile on her face.

Rita Rodriguez, Eulalia Duran, Martina Ramos, Rosa Nelly Soto, Margarita Oviedo, Lupe Hinkle, Antonio Aldape, Eva Alvarado, Leticia Ledezma, Herminia De Zayas, Linda Trevino, Horacio Cortez, Tabatha Canales, Alma Urrea, Cynthia Mata, Carmen Arevalo, Victoria Vasquez, Beatriz Canales, Nancy Aviles, Barbara Garcia, Maria Mendoza

On Friday, March 22, the Olmos Elementary School PTA hosted a movie night for its families. The ESL Parent Involvement Group wanted to get involved so they cooked homemade chicken flautas, rice, guacamole, nachos, hot dogs and pozole. Everything they prepared and all the profits were donated to the school. This group of dedicated parents helped raise more than $500 for the school. 


Mandy Buckelew, Tom Symons, Kim Erben, Stacy Chancellor, Caron Canady, Nancy Canady, Lisa Carnes, Michelle Richard

Mandy, Tom, Kim, Stacy, Caron, Nancy, Lisa and Michelle enhanced the Redland Oaks Elementary School hallways by painting beautiful Leader in Me murals that were artfully designed to help students better understand the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.


Pamela Flores

Pamela volunteers countless hours as a room parent, kindergarten and 3rd grade “Copy Lady,” and special events volunteer at Harmony Hills Elementary School. She has devoted many hours making copies two times per week for the last four years.


Jessie Hixson

Jesse is a Girl Scout Troop Leader and the PTA first Vice President at El Dorado Elementary School. She volunteered her Troop of 25 girls to help bake and donate 300 cookies for a school event. The cookies were a huge hit and the girls learned the importance of helping out others in need.



Scott Norman

Scott coordinated the launch of the Watch DOG program at Bulverde Creek Elementary Scool. He held the initial meeting, created a sign up schedule and continues to encourage dads to participate. He volunteers as a Watch DOG himself.


Maisoon Abdelhaq

In February and March, Maisoon appeared on the morning announcements to explain the importance of the book drive at Bulverde Creek Elementary School.  She designed a contest for most books collected for the whole school with winning classes in each grade level. She counted every book and kept tally, and delivered regular updates. She was on campus 2-3 days a week to collect books from every classroom. She also coordinated the deliver of the books to the PTA Council Used Book sale.


Genie Gilbreath

Genie is an asset to the Ed White Middle School campus. She has volunteered in the attendance office, counseling office, AP office, and has substituted for the principal's secretary. She also volunteers her time in the library with shelving, the book fair and picture days.


Michelle Ferrara, Janie Villarreal, Debora Packard, Jeff Coats, Chana Floyd, Lori Ganci, Veronica Binder, Vicky Fountano-Walton, Vanessa Terrazas, Lisa Olivarez, Mary Alex, Brian Moy, Nancy Bomer, Stella Gonzales, Susie Lackhorn, Cathy Levermann, Misty Pace, Dee Parchman, Shanna Toborg, Lynn Toudouze, David Bohannon, Roderick Jackson, Peggy Jordan, Jesse Luna, Travis Platt, Valerie Rueda, Phil San Miguel, Art Suarez, Pattie Webster, Dan Hidalgo, Michael Jensen, Carol Kirchhof, Lisa Mecke, Paulino Paredes, Victor Paredes, Sterling Rohde, Michelle Zhang, Deb Caldwell

On Feb. 1, the first phase of the Lawson ERP system went live. During its first week of use, more than 500 new requisitions and purchase orders were successfully created in the system. The success of the implementation is a direct result of years of planning and designing by this team of dedicated individuals. NEISD_Super63

Amy Little, Kelly Forester, Denise Rohr, Kelly Campsey, Kim McManus, Caron Canady, Brooke Lucero, Joel Luther, Mary Longloy

These are members of the Redland Oaks Elementary School Lighthouse Team who have provided the campus with the leadership necessary to bring them to the third and final level of criteria to be considered for Lighthouse Status from the Franklin Covey Foundation. NEISD_Super69

Maria Christina Castro

Maria Christina single handedly re-energized the school’s letter writing Pony Express program at El Dorado Elementary School. She has done this on top of her duties as a second grade dual language teacher. The Pony Express program lets students write to each other, address and stamp their envelopes and place them in a school mailbox.


Maria Anderson, Brandon Turner, Miguel Godinez

Maria, Brandon and Miguel stepped outside of the box as music and P.E. teachers to once again provide a fun and entertaining way of boosting moral for the upcoming STAAR tests at El Dorado Elementary School. For the third year in a row, they composed, filmed and edited a music video for the whole school.


Michelle Quintero

At Harmony HIlls Elementary School, Michelle is a true advocate for music in schools and consistently writes grants so that the children can be exposed to many different instruments, visit the San Antonio Symphony, and have Opera in Schools perform for the children. She also arranges a choir field trip every two years to Austin to perform at the Capitol.


Paul Miller

In the past five years, Paul has mentored several students at Encino Park. You can often find him with special notes and motivating words at each progress celebration. He has often donated art, school and office supplies. On teachers’ birthdays he often gives a birthday card with a meal gift card tucked inside with his well wishes.


Deborah Valdez, Sheri Stanush, Nan Vorhes

These teachers initiated a service-oriented club called “Service on Campus.” It is designed for elementary students in grades 3-5 who demonstrate leadership strength, outstanding character and desire to help the community through a variety of service-oriented projects.


Michelle Witten, Jessica Graham, Stacey Hammer, Choui Carranza,Andy Carranza, Kim McVay, Stacy Iron, Wendy Baughman, Shiela Morse, Kendra Barnes, Leane Smith, Sandy Aguilar, Tanille Eubanks, Berta Rodriguez, Karen McClenny, Fran San Miguel, Darlene Stoops, Sylvia Farber, Roger Ramirez, Don Greenwood, Shannon McKinley, Alexandra Hutcheson, Brianna Crigger, Sarah Albrecht, Kristen Hunt, Kirin Deol, Kaylea Samsel, Michelle Bogush

Earlier this semester, Michelle Witten along with an awesome cast of volunteers that included our very own Johnson High School cheerleaders all helped organize the 2013 WALK-A THON for Encino Park Elementary School. The Walk-A-Thon was an event to help raise money for a new science lab for the students. It was a major success that raised $13,000.


John Lorenzo, Catherine Landis

John and Catherine coordinated an afterschool program called “Reading Together” at Nimitz Middle School.  They arranged for transportation, planned kid-friendly activities and provided the participating students with an enriching atmosphere focused on improving reading comprehension and fluency.


Colleen Tipton, Andrea Palen, Jennifer Rusk

Colleen, Jennifer and Andrea got together last year to increase participation in the PTA Reflections contest at Hardy Oak Elementary School. These ladies organized the information and sent it out along with reminders to students and parents. They came up with incentives for entering, acquired judges and organized a school-wide recognition ceremony for the children who participated.



Eduardo Garcia

When the amount of lost and found items at Olmos Elementary School were becoming too difficult to manage, parent volunteer Eduardo built a solution. After purchasing the materials himself, he built a clothing rack, donated hangers and organized all the items for the school.


Kara Martin, Kasey Korth, Margaret Kaysa, Jeremi Niehoff, Gary Livingston

This group of teachers has been instrumental in planning the quarterly academic pep rallies at Harris Middle School. The pep rallies are a positive reinforcement recognition opportunity for all students that also incorporates team building and character development.


Grace Cunningham, Susan Torres, Gina Kosa, Sherri Henshaw, Melissa Kwan, Jill Kolb

These Fox Run Elementary School first-grade teachers hosted meetings after and during the school day for parents of first graders this year. The informative meetings were called “The View.” In the meetings, these teachers presented the upcoming TEKS and what would be covered during that nine-week period.


Mary Jung, Brigdet Maggard, Mary Solis

Redland Oaks Elementary School P.E. teacher Mary Jung and Special Education teacher Bridget Maggard teamed up to bring an Action Based Learning Lab to the students in kindergarten through second grade. Realizing that “movement builds brain cells,” Mary and Bridget first attended several conferences to study the research-based best practices of establish the lab.

Mary Jung and Redland Oaks nurse Mary Solis also worked together to lead the campus in providing its community with the second annual Redland Oaks Fit Family Fun Night. The students and their families enjoyed presentations from more than 25 health and wellness representatives, such as the American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, North East Nutrition Services, SAPD, SAFD, and many others.


Michael Contreras

Michael has worked many extra hours in the past months to assist Administration and the Math dept. prepare for the testing season at Harris Middle School.  He worked with the 8th grade teachers to develop a plan for student rotations, while 6th and 7th grade students are taking STAAR tests.


Darlene Stoops, Sheila Morse

At Tejeda Middle School, Darlene and Sheila devote countless hours of time volunteering in the copy room. Sheila coordinates volunteers to help out by sending out email requests and keeping schedules in order. Darlene is the hands on organizer and revamped the file cabinet drawers at her own expense.


Sylvia Theissen

Sylvia has been the Tejeda Middle School PTA president for the past two years. She sparked a renewed interest in the school’s Watch DOG program by encouraging former elementary Watch DOG dads to continue on at the middle school level. Sylvia also arranged to have Olympian Josh Davis to come to Tejeda to promote a healthy lifestyle with students.


Veronica Gonzales,Vivienne Nutt

Veronica and Vivienne have been instrumental in the success of the Silent Auction held during Dellview Elementary School's Family Fun Night. They spent countless hours calling different businesses and organizations asking for donations, as well as picking up donations.


Brenda Hutzler, Nathan Devine, Katie Devine, Jan Waterman, Buz Bacon, Diana Bacon, Clyde Gordan, Norma Gordan, Beverly Spitznagel, Jeff Fletcher, Edward Esparza, Lyn Catalina,Ruth Spivey

These individuals have consistently provided tutoring and mentoring services to students in grades 2-5 at Montgomery Elementary School. They help students improve their reading fluency and math problem solving skills. Aside from tutoring, they check in weekly with the teachers on updates of the students’ academic progress.


BilL Altemeier

Dr. Altemeier has been teaching science to middle school students for three years now through the KIN program. He visits middle schools monthly and facilitates an interactive science experiment. He has also met with science teachers at many of these campuses to find out what they are learning so he can plan his lessons accordingly.


Heather Herzog

This school year, Heather created a 5th grade book club at Camelot Elementary School. She obtained funds and purchased books so that every 5th grade student had a copy of the latest Book Club book. She also created reader response journals and rigorous questions that students had to answer as they read. Then, as a celebratory activity, the entire 5th grade met to have a book club gathering.


Steven Ramos, Lucio Lopez

Steven and Lucio’s willingness to take on difficult situations and see them through to completion has repeatedly impressed the staff at Vineyard Ranch Elementary School. With the delays in construction at the school and the huge task of setting up the school over winter break, they went above and beyond as assistant and head custodian at the school.


Ruben Alejos

On Feb. 25, Driscoll Middle School experienced multiple situations that if not handled correctly and efficiently, could have created serious safety issues for staff and students. At approximately 3:20 p.m., the campus lost power due to high winds in the area. While most of the student body had been released, there were still some students and all of the staff remaining on campus. Thirty minutes later, a fire alarm sounded from a sensor in the facilities plant. Ruben's quick and calm actions helped everyone on campus stay safe with minimal damage to the scool.


Melissa Ling, Kendra Barnes

Tejeda Middle School is El Dorado Elementary School’s sister school, and Melissa and Kendra have been very instrumental in working with the El Dorado’s Family Specialist to identify the school’s needs.


Deborah Evans

Deborah is the clinic assistant at Serna Elementary School. She is extremely dedicated to her job and has never missed a day of work since 2008. She is very involved in the PTA and often participates in the after school events held for students, parents and community. She also volunteers with cafeteria duty whenever staffing is limited.


Stephanie Rice

Stephanie is an exceptional teacher at Steubing Ranch Elementary School who volunteers for numerous school-related activities. These include Technology Club, Student Council, RTI Consultant, GLC for Special Education, showcase display organizer, Reading Restaurant Decorations Committee, morning announcement coordinator, Relay for Life committee member and Technology Committee member.


Felicia Joiner

Dr. Joiner worked with the 8th grade team this year at Ed White Middle School.  At the start of the year, she implemented her own version of the Olympics to reward teachers for going above and beyond.  Dr. Joiner set out to boost morale and help make every day a “Friday.” She found a location for an 8th grade “hospitality” room and posted a calendar of events that included various games, “getting to know you” activities to include their new teachers, scavenger hunts, and assorted snacks/beverages during the week. 


Dominga Perez, Emily Garcia

Two amazing Dellview Elementary School leaders have opened up their hearts to help out the school’s new refugee students. From the moment the refugee students arrived, students Dominga and Emily have taken the initiative to comfort them on the school bus, greet them with hugs and smiles, guide them to the cafeteria, help them select their breakfast trays, sit with them, and then walk them to class every single morning.


Karicia Reynosa, Joseph Santos, Shelby Fisher, Xochilt Cristabol, Diamond Hercules, Emma Paez, Brianah Ceniceros, Jasmine Barnes, Nadia Silva, Melanie Velazquez, Ivan Sanchez, Viridiana Zuniga, Natasha Hernandez

These 13 students are the fifth grade members of the Dellview Student Council, which is comprised of students in second, third, fourth and fifth grades. They are leaders who applied and were chosen based on citizenship, academics, leadership and teacher recommendation. So far this year, this group of students have completed four campus cleanups, collected more than 1,000 items for the neighborhood food bank and delivered them, wrapped gifts at Elf Louse, delivered Poinsettias and sang carols at a local nursing home, and much more.


Sarah Smith, Patricia Trevino

Both Sarah and Patricia were instrumental in the success of the MacArthur High School “Shattered Dreams” dramatization this spring. Under the direction of campus leaders, they helped coordinate with local Fire, EMS, NEISD Police and AirLife.


Gary Mulroy, Troy Everling, Mandie Salinas, Carrie Kosmo, Claire Weber, Veronica Herrera, Bonnie Oyervides, Dennis Trujillo, Charles Barnett, Victoria Trevino, Savannah Navarro, Marie Elizondo, Jessica Olbeda, Amanda Anchondo, Alex Thompson, Josepfina Morales, Robert Colunga, Destiny Antu, Saulo Vasquez Armenta, Juan Treja Callejas, Brandon Sanchez, Jovan Ortiz, Alexis Norris, Mireya Blas-Morales

Gary, his teacher assistants and ALE students coordinated this major logistical task of moving textbooks to make room for school construction and remodeling Not only did they design the new location layout, moved, inventoried and arranged the textbooks, they did the same for many of the Language Arts department’s novels and books.



Posted on May 17, 2013