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Superintendent's Award | December 2011 Ceremony

Today, Dr. Gottardy recognized 84 staff members, students and community members for their devotion, ingenuity and initiative for NEISD.



December 2011 CeremonyIrl Kincaid

Irl distinguishes himself through leadership, service and customer service. He has provided leadership with district trainers and medical staff who cover our athletic events. He is quick to serve by assisting PTA groups, other district employees, and community members. His customer service includes supporting anyone who comes to Blossom to use the facilities. The operation of the Blossom facilities is an enormous undertaking. Irl has performed all these duties in an exemplary manner at Blossom for the past eight years.

Paul Garcia

Paul is Bradley’s very own Watch Dog -- or rather, Watch BEAR. He began to help out last year in the mornings, and has become a friendly face that greets students every morning. He calls students by name, and encourages them to move on to their designated areas. The students are respectful of him, and know they can count on his watchful eyes each morning as they arrive to school. The amount of time he gives is huge and a priceless gift.

December 2011 CeremonyJorja Howell

Jorja is one of the most dedicated parent volunteers at Canyon Ridge. She devotes a great deal of time to enrich learning and support the faculty and staff at every level of instruction. She has established herself as an invaluable part of the Canyon Ridge Team.

Melissa Alonzo

Dana Cloud Chapman

Mary Ellen Cook

Mark Gibbons

Allison Lafield

John Lafield

Jeanne Nass

Kenny Schreiber

Roberta Smith

Julie Tschirhart


Debbie Walton

This group of Lee High School alumni donated more than $500 to provide 45 Dellview fifth graders a memorable field trip to the 2011 Lee homecoming football game. To drum up Lee spirit for these future Volunteers, Dellview teachers planned the football trip and posted the information to the Lee alumni Web site. The outpouring of support and Lee pride was phenomenal. Pledges were posted and checks started arriving from as far away as Missouri! The students not only got a ticket into the game, but also game treats of hot dogs, popcorn and drinks. For many of the students, this was their first experience of a high school football game.

December 2011 Ceremony

December 2011 CeremonyVeronica Gonzales

Dellview’s planters and gardens are growing and flourishing thanks to Veronica, a parent volunteer who has ensured that Dellview is beautifully landscaped. Veronica comes every morning to Dellview to water the planters. She weeds, fertilizes and plants seasonal seeds. As a result of her comitment, students have been learning about soil investigations, monitoring a rain gage, understanding the growth and planting season in Texas, and monitoring wind shifts with pin-wheels.

Roland Robles

Thanks to Roland, Dellview’s Literacy Pumpkin Patch was a huge success. He graciously donated more than 200 bags of chips for Dellview families. As a result, every family in attendance had a variety of snacks to choose from.

Maria Rodriguez and Vanessa Rodriguez

Dellview is promoting wellness and helping the community stay fit. Maria and Vanessa are certified Zumba Instructors who are volunteering their time to host weekly Zumba classes at Dellview. The students, parents and staff are taking full advantage of their high energy dance moves. Their dedication and commitment is demonstrated in all their weekly classes.

December 2011 Ceremony

December 2011 CeremonyRenee Ray

Renee is available to Eisenhower students every day during her lunch period for tutoring. She wants the students to understand the concepts, and she understands that outside factors sometimes inhibit students from receiving tutoring before or after school. She is quick to embrace new technology tools to enhance her instruction. For example, she uses the “smart-board” daily and allows the students to use it as well.


December 2011 CeremonyRobbie McMahon

Robbie organized the Encino Park cleanup day this fall. He created a campus plan which included upgrading every flower bed on the campus. Robbie secured equipment, soil, mulch, flowers. His company donated a much needed drip system so that all the new planting would survive. They had 200 volunteers show up to put his plan into action. As a result, the Encino Park grounds had a complete makeover.


December 2011 CeremonyDelva Perez

Delva worked with the Motivational Production Company to have Hardy Oak help with the filming of an anti-bullying film. Delva found student actors, secured parental permissions and organized the day for the filming to occur. This fall, the film debuted and was shown at Hardy Oak in true red carpet style. The entire school watched the video and cheered for their peers that had been selected to be in the show. Parents and children are still talking about this wonderful day.

December 2011 CeremonyTrey Turnipseed

Trey, a Hardy Oak parent, organized and started the WatchDog program this year. He led a kick-off pizza night for the Hardy Oak DAD’s to entice the fathers to get involved. There were more than 400 fathers at the kickoff event resulting in a filled school calendar with dads signed up to volunteer all year. Because of Trey’s effort, dads can be seen reading to children, helping in the cafeteria, playing football at recess, and helping load and unload children at the beginning and end of the day.

December 2011 CeremonyHerminia Espinoza

Herminia sets the highest standards for herself and for those around her. She has been teaching for 34 years. She teaches reading lab, co-teaches English, and all while pulling around a 35-pound cart. Herminia goes above and beyond by going to work early every day and staying until ‘the job is done.’ Students, teachers, parents, and friends learn and are inspired by Herminia, a one-of-a-kind educator extraordinaire.

Lisa Garcia

Norman Goldberg

Tamara Merrill

Matthew Shane

Melissa Wiseman


Jerry Wyman

These individuals all demonstrated hard work and dedication to make the Harris History Festival a successful community wide event that not only provided information about history, but also provided much needed health care screenings.

December 2011 Ceremony

Kathy Beiser

Joe Ximenez

Ruben Garcia

Linda Garza

Celeste Lafuente-Garza

Francisco Martinez


Melody Crabb

On the morning of October 20, a Nimitz student was hit by a car while he was crossing the street in front of the school. Kathy, the ISA Director, witnessed the accident and stopped to render aid, while Linda, the Nimitz nurse, took care of the injured student. Celeste, a Nimitz Administrator, comforted the mother. Officer Ximenez made sure the situation was under control and that emergency care was on its way. Nimitz’s new ISS monitor Ruben helped direct traffic so the emergency vehicles could get to the injured student quickly. Fancisco, the family specialist, rode in the ambulance with the student, while mom followed in her car. Melody was in a meeting at Lee when she was notified of the accident involving a STEM student. She immediately left and met the parents at University hospital and stayed with them throughout the morning and afternoon. Everyone involved made a terrible accident a tolerable experience because of their dedication and professionalism. Nimitz staff is happy to report that while it was a scary experience the young man will have a full recovery.

December 2011 Ceremony

December 2011 CeremonyStuart Guthrie

After Jackson’s “Fuel Up to Play” kickoff, Stuart, Assistant Principal, created an Apple Core Club to encourage healthy eating habits at lunch. This club acknowledges students who eat their entire apple to the “core.” During lunches, Stuart takes a photo of the students who will be a part of this club. Those photos are added to the Apple Core Club bulletin board and are shown during school announcements.

Rosie Adame

Alma Gomez

Rosemary Guerra


Blair Wilson

These individuals have volunteered to organize and coordinate the Student Council at Jackson-Keller. They meet weekly with the group and help students conduct community service projects. For example, students organized a school-wide drive to help those in need during the holiday season.

December 2011 Ceremony

Henry Avila

Leticia Garza

Caleb Jackson

Albert Losoya


Lynn Trimble

These teachers organized a math club and a robotics club for students in third – fifth grade at Jackson-Keller. They meet after school to promote math readiness. The teachers meet with the students to promote real-world math concepts so they can participate in extra-curricular activities. Students are eager and ready to learn math concepts through technology, hands-on activities and enrichment projects.

December 2011 Ceremony

December 2011 CeremonyJennifer Kemmy

Jennifer is always one of the first people to arrive at Jackson-Keller each morning … and one of the last to leave. She works hard to make sure her children have every opportunity for learning possible. Jennifer also serves as the Social Committee co-chair for Jackson-Keller. She organizes morale-boosting activities for the faculty and staff. She prepares and distributes gifts of appreciation for the Custodians, Counselors, Administration, Cafeteria staff, Administrative Assistants, and more on behalf of the Jackson-Keller staff. Her positive attitude and smile are contagious around the school.

Stephanie Bratton

Kelly Luna


Amanda Peet

These three teachers go above and beyond to make the fundraisers at Longs Creek exceptional. They put so much time and effort into the school carnival each year, along with other activities throughout the year, to make school a fun place for children.

December 2011 Ceremony

December 2011 CeremonyLisa Carnazzo

Lisa is constantly challenging herself and her students. She seeks out new and inventive ways to utilize technology in her classroom. Students use her iPad to demonstrate their instruction. She posts her iLessons, which have become quite popular. For example, Tacky Wales featured one of Lisa’s lessons on their Web site.


December 2011 CeremonyBob Milliman

Bob serves tirelessly as a library volunteer and mentor at Northern Hills. Despite the fact that his granddaughter no longer attends the school, he remains devoted to helping maintain an organized library for students to access. Although his efforts to help the library function as a true media center are invaluable, they pale in comparison to his willingness to mentor students needing academic support or a sympathetic ear. He is a stellar example of the benefits that result when campuses and communities work together on students’ behalf.

Mike Beatty

Alex Boland

Russell Brockman

Crystal Eisele

Steve Eisele

Carol Erdrich

Roland Forey

Rell Fowler

Stephanie Fowler

Jason Hagen

James Hart

Wayne Koustroun

Charlie Rodriguez

Mary Rodriguez

Nicolette Shade

Melzi Willits


Mike Willits

On the night before the bicycle rodeo at Stahl, these volunteers provided a bike clinic to help children prepare for their big event. The clinic included an opportunity for students to tune-up their bikes, have their safety helmets fitted by an expert, and practice riding the rodeo circuit. In addition, students could check-in their bikes into the gym to avoid the morning confusion. Not only did they give their time for the bike clinic, they continued to offer their talents the following day for the bike rodeo event. As a result of the efforts of these volunteers, the event was well organized with little interruption to the instructional day and the children of Stahl enjoyed their competition.

December 2011 Ceremony

Sherise Davila and Vida Floyd

Sherise and Vida coordinated an event to raise money for the girls volleyball team at White. Through their efforts, they were able to purchase much needed kneepads and socks for the girls who were in need. They also helped acquire speakers for the girls, as well as mentors for an empowerment seminar for our entire school population. Vida organized and coordinated the Boys 2 Men and Girls 2 Ladies Empowerment Seminar at White. At these seminars, community volunteers and organizations came to the campus to speak with students about the importance of making good life decisions. Sherise and Vida always have students’ best interests in mind.

December 2011 Ceremony

Tim English

Tim, volunteer and parent at Wilderness Oak, is one of several parent PTA members who have gone above and beyond to assist children and staff in the cafeteria during lunch. In fact, he’s been helping for the past two years. Tim is a permanent fixture among the students; helping even the youngest ones with their milks and packaged items. He is always quick with a smile, nurturing, and patient with all the students, no matter how big or small.

December 2011 CeremonyIrma Garcia

Irma is the grandmother to a student at Wilderness Oak. She comes to school almost every day, for several lunch periods, even when she is not on the volunteer schedule. The children, teachers, and staff at Wilderness Oak so appreciate all the time, love, and respect she shares with the students.


December 2011 CeremonyJennifer Hayes

Jennifer, a truly gifted fifth grade teacher at Wilderness Oak, has given of her time and resources for the past three years to organize a Smencil -- smelly pencil -- sale to raise money for Wounded Warriors and their families. This year the money raised will help The Fisher House, which is located near Brooke Army Medical Center and becomes the home-away-from-home for families of seriously ill or injured servicemen and women. Jennifer is a shining example to students of compassion and selflessness.

December 2011 CeremonyJoni Ruetz

Joni, a Wilderness Oak first grade parent, is an amazing volunteer. Not only is she serving as the school’s PTA Vice President, she is a daily volunteer in the cafeteria. With more than 1,200 students, school staff is grateful for every volunteer. Because of her dependability and dedication, Joni has become a vital part of making sure the cafeteria runs smoothly. She is always quick to help all students with their lunches, milks, and small items … or just to offer a smile.

Sam Agueros

Ariel Esparza

Quique Garza

Sergio Hernandez

Evie Leal

The regional manager and managers of Sunglass Hut came to Wood during student lunches and cleaned, repaired, replaced nose pieces and screws and molded glasses back into place for more than 75 students and teachers. They also gave the students cases for their glasses. They were concerned for the students whose glasses they couldn’t repair, and made a list of to provide vouchers for them to receive a free eye exam and glasses. This group truly went above and beyond in helping students.

December 2011 Ceremony

December 2011 CeremonyJames Finnegan

On November 4, a child was crossing the street at Judson and Fountainwood and a car didn’t see him and grazed him, knocking him off of his bike. James had just dropped off his daughter and saw the accident. Not only did he stay the whole time, but he helped the child’s mother make necessary phone calls -- pursuing her husband’s work until a supervisor got in contact with the father. He also followed the family home after the accident so that the bikes would be safely returned. His sole concern was the well being of a Wood community member.

Samantha Canales

Grace Lemoine


Denise Perez

This summer, three hard working, dedicated teachers gave up one week of their vacation to come to Wood and clean out the Reading and English Department closets. Samantha, Grace and Denise worked during the 100-degree summer heat with no air conditioning. They chiseled and hammered away materials that were no longer usable for students -- they found materials dating back to the 1950s! They tossed out and recycled about seven bins full of unusable materials. They dusted, cleaned and wiped down the shelves. As a result, both departments now have storage closets that are organized in such a way that everything is easily accessible to them for student use.

December 2011 Ceremony